Legion Of Stoopid By Machinae Supremacy


2004 | Metal

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"It's time to choose, just don't fall for another ruse. —You only lose, watch as they abuse. —You keep it up and you're only asking for more. —You need to stop Believing they work for (you.)"


  • The band hails from sweden.
  • Being fans of the Commodore 64, they used it's SID chip in their music, later becoming known by the term "SID metal".
  • Fury was the last release by the band before joining a record label, a task they forwent, utilizing the burgeoning internet to grow their fanbase.


Luke Tatum

A critique of blindly following the news media, specifically Fox News. It's a great jam, but of course the material all applies to the other major media networks. Good tune, even if it misses the mark a bit.

Sherry Voluntary

A fine example of power metal, this song hits on the collusion of The State and and the media to indoctrinate us in order to control the masses in order to keep them distracted, compliant and reliant on the system that perpetuates their power. “This is your brain on drugs, this is your brain on fox news.” made me chuckle. It speaks a truth though, so many people pick one source to trust and let that source tell them everything to believe. Another great lyric, “The lies unfold, But once you know You forget what you were told. “ This is so true. Once you see certain lies of The State, it is impossible to unsee them. This is where we have to help people get to. We just have to plant those seeds and let them take should they find soft ground.

Nicky P

Luke should have looked the lyrics up. He’d have been less inclined to take the angle he did. I dig this thrashy prog track with allusions to King Diamond without ever getting to the lyrics but I liked it way more once I had. Maybe it’s the person who transposed the lyrics but I love the use of Moore in place of more. We could focus on the Fox News joke but the Moore reference seems to be representing “documentarian” Michael Moore & in so doing taking the position that both sides are lying and manipulating the eponymous “legion of stoopid.” There is also a reference to the RIAA that I especially enjoyed because it illustrates the bullshit intervention of government into the creation of art and masquerading as an artists rights group. It’s a blatant example of crony usurpation of the government. I think the last joke I really appreciated was the use of the classic carnival melody Entrance Of The Glafiators by Julius Fucik. Really ties the whole bread and circuses angle of the song together snd brings it to a fine point. I’d never heard of these guys before this project so I’m glad I got turned into them.

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Nicky P

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