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I'm Sarah El-Mahmoud and I'm a third year student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in journalism. Through my college studies, I have gained experience in communicating my passion for telling stories in different ways such as through writing, photography, video and design. Below you can see some of my work, enjoy!

This Just In

Here are the most recent stories I've written for the Daily Titan, Cal State Fullerton's student newspaper.

Feature: Dance student to teach the next generation
“I want to create a safe environment where they can express themselves and create an outlet for that to be a place where they can come in and dance it out and be able to use dance as a way to express what they can’t say,” Abigail DiGrazia said of her program. She will be implementing a dance program for young children who live in Skid Row.
Feature: Graduate student brings music and science together through piano
Ramin Farhad explained how piano isn’t his instrument—his body is—and what one physically can bring to music is what distinguishes musicians from another. He compared his hours of practice to that of an athlete and has a deep belief in the importance of tending to his body and recognizing its limitations.
News: 15th annual Donate Life 5K/1K Run/Walk at CSUF to supports organ and tissue donations
“It’s important that all of us are committed to blowing away the fear and anxiety of those who languish on donor lists,” said Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker. “Through this effort, we can help allay those fears and concerns and provide that immensely valuable gift of life.”

Music Column

This semester I served as Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor and wrote bi-weekly columns about music.

Column Artwork by Cathryn Edwards
Column: Music is the reason for the success of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
“Awesome Mix Vol. 1” serves two purposes as the viewer watches it for the first time. First: as a connection to the past for those familiar with the songs and might have grown up with them. Second: as a means of discovery for a younger audience who may have never been caught listening to the “Jackson 5” or “The Runaways” before.
Column: HalfNoise’s ‘The Velvet Face’ shows that Zac Farro can succeed outside of Paramore
His new EP “The Velvet Face” is the first sign of a legendary reunion between Farro and his old bandmates. While HalfNoise’s music is much more laid back than that of Paramore’s, Farro’s unique work as a solo artist creates anticipation for the band’s return.
Column: Cold War Kids are influenced by authentic Los Angeles roots
Miracle Mile, a stretch of Wilshire boulevard, transformed from the once unpaved fields to the essential Downtown Los Angeles street plastered with beautiful artwork, museums and historic buildings. It’s a hometown ride for indie rock band Cold War Kids, whose members use the streets to tell their rise to fame.


multimedia story: CSUF students speak up about why voting matters
PHOTo Slideshow: a discovery of the natural world

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