CHINGAY 2017 photo essay: fascinating event

Chingay is the art of costume and masquerade. The parade is put up by different diversities of people and races, demonstrating the unique Singapore identity. It is an important festival taking place on the last day of Chinese New Year.

Scene depicting farmers growing crops

Firstly, people acting as farmers ploughed both on the land and the new water lane. This new water lane was a very surprising introduction which we found very interesting. The audience watched in awe as mini-boats went across the water quickly along with the farmers who were diligently ploughing the land.

Iconic 1974 Tiger Float

Joyce Chan, 14, student, said, "I like Chingay because watching this show with friends allow me to bond and learn the values of being a Singaporean. Chingay was fun and heartwarming because I feel Singapore got its identity and spirit through Chingay.

Multi-cultural segment

The 2nd segment was mainly about performances from countries overseas like Yakutia and Cambodia. These countries wore their traditional costumes of vibrant colours, performing dynamically. This shows the multi-cultural side of Singapore; more foreigners are migrating here so there is more than the 4 main races.

Showcasing the development of the Singapore army

The 3rd segment was about the coexistence of peace and harmony for Singapore's future. 250 high-spirited performers showcased the marshal spirit and discipline of National Service through creative choreography. This performance of NS shows the development of Singapore's army and we feel this is something we can be proud of.

Showcasing 新谣

Lee Chen Yang, 14, student, said "Chingay is a place where the Singapore spirit is shown, where Singaporeans unite, which was a very touching experience. Although here were complaints of the weather, we still managed to go as one as we came back as one and didn't give up."

Melodious sounds made by the musicians

Chelsea Chan, 14, student, said "This is the first time I have attended an event that showcases the different types of local talents. The performers were enthusiastic and the performances were truly flawless!"

Spectacular fireworks at the end of the event

The exuberant finale was presented with an amazing combination of snow, rain & fire. It showcased the resilience of Singapore, as performers clad in flamboyant costumes were executing flawless dance sequences. The spectacular fireworks raced into the sky simultaneously, leaving smiles of amazement on everyone.

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