Virginia State University Home of the Trojans

social media handles: VSU on is Facebook
VSU Values: Student Centered, Integrity, Engagement, Customer Service, Excellence, Scholarly Research, Global, Teaching & Diversity
VSU mascot: Trojan
I chose virginia State University because it fit almost all my criteria that i listed on It wasn't my first choice but it was my second. based on the financial aid, this college really fit for me. The location met my wants too. It was far enough that i was comfortable, but wasn't so far away i couldn't make it home in a day(if needed/wanted).
VSU is beautiful. From the buildings, to the landscape, to the cute little main street for the campus, it's beautiful. The main sports draw in attention, being as they are basketball and football. Of course though, we can't forget about the beautiful cheerleaders.

There are about four-thousand-two-hundred undergrads in Virginia State; 58% women and 42% men. VSU has an average financial aid package, which is normally about 60% of financial need met. Degrees offered are associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral and 61% of students return for sophomore year. The most known sports here would probably be football, and basketball. Virginia State is known for being a historically black public land-grant university. Greek life: 4% of men join fraternities, and 7% of women join fraternities. VSU is a medium sized 4-year public college, in a large town, with a suburban setting, with a residential campus. They do not have theater but they do have band and musical ensembles.

Bachelor's Degree Major's: 16% Business/Marketing, 12% Education, 11% Communications/Journalism, 11% Security/Protective Services, 8% Psychology, 5% Biology, 5% Social Sciences. I would most likely go into the major of psychology becasue I want to become a peditrition or a pychologist and this major would come in handy with either of these jobs. Virginia State University is mostly known for being a business college and has very good business classes/courses. There are about 55 different degrees available.

  • 63% Retention Rate
  • Deadline of Application: May 1st
  • Percentage of Applicants admitted:
  • Student GPA:
  • Class Rank:
  • ACT scores:
  • SAT scores:
  • Letters of Recommendation: Need 2 letters of recommendation
  • Interview: (state if you need/don’t need to have an interview)


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