Maplewood North Fire Station Construction Updates

The new 30,000 sq. ft. fire station replacement building will feature efficient, safe work spaces, including a secure indoor fleet storage, tool and emergency equipment storage, gear washing and drying room, training and conference rooms, and offices.


Thursday, August 4, 2021

Floor Plan

Work in Progress

  • Precast walls are erected
  • Underground plumbing is installed
  • Boulder retaining wall at pond is installed
  • Trees are planted, seeding is partially complete
  • Roof steel is being erected at the two story area
Curbing in Place
Parking Lot Base
Retaining Wall Surrounding Pond
Second Floor
Setting Panels
Walls Up

Upcoming Work

  • Roof deck at two story
  • Wood blocking at roof area
  • Two story roofing
  • Apparatus bay roof steel
  • Concrete slabs

Video Updates

Timelapse Video

Before and after


  • Construction Start: Late June of 2021
  • Occupancy: June of 2022


Jason Rentmeester, Senior Project Manager | jason.rentmeester@krausanderson.com

Dale Sonnichsen, Project Manager | dale.sonnichsen@krausanderson.com

Silvia Magana, Senior Project Coordinator | silvia.magana@krausanderson.com

Jake Walton, Project Superintendent | jake.walton@krausanderson.com

Short-Elliott-Hendrickson, Incorporated

Brian Bergstrom, Project Manager | bbergstrom@sehinc.com