Colonial Heights Winter 2019 Update

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  • 2019 Annual Colonial Heights Christmas Parade
  • Grand Opening of the Maddie's Magnificent Playpark
  • Round-About Pond Fountain Installation Project
  • Presenting the Tri-Cities Chili Peppers New Logo
  • Office on Youth and Human Services "Project Sticker Shock"

The 67th Annual Christmas Parade!

Colonial Heights Judges! Thank you all for your Time!

We had a wonderful time at the 67th Annual Colonial Heights Christmas Parade! This is a wonderful community tradition that we all look forward to being a part of each and every year! Thank you to all who participated in this year’s parade. We are thankful for the effort and imagination everyone put forth, ensuring a successful event.

Thank you to EVERY group that participated and made this event bright and full of JOY!

Because of you…there is a place where every child, young and old, can play.

Maddie's Magnificent Playpark is NOW OPEN!!! The Maddie Mann Foundation held the playground's Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting on Saturday, December 7th. The new fully accessible playground is located at White Bank Park in Colonial Heights!

Our community has been blessed to have this amazing new addition for our entire community to enjoy! We are sending a very big THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this a reality and gave their time, energy, funds, and support to this project! (Photo Credit and a big thank you to Tatiana Hoosack, Herb Greene, and Larry Tipton for capturing this historic and memorable moment in Colonial Heights).

Maddie with her family! (pc: L. Tipton)
Face painting Fun! (pc: L. Tipton)
Go Big or Go HOME! (pc: L. Tipton)
Play 4 All! (pc: T. Hoosack)
Accessible for Everyone! (pc: T. Hoosack)
So many helping hands! (pc: L. Tipton)
Discover all the fun! (pc: L. Tipton)
Maddie cutting the ribbon! (pc: H. Greene)
Thank you EVERYONE! (pc: H. Greene)

The Department of Public Works installed a fountain and aeration system in the stormwater pond located off the I-95 (Exit 54) exit ramp near the roundabout on Temple Avenue. The City has obtained a permit from the State to conduct this work, as the pond is located on property maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The project will assist in promoting fish and wildlife habitat by introducing dissolved oxygen to the water, by way of the aeration system, along with providing a lighted pond fountain (picture provided) at one of the major gateway locations in the City.

Please direct any questions regarding the fountain and aeration system to the City’s Public Works Department at (804) 520-9334.

The Tri-City Chili Peppers 2020 inaugural season tickets are now available!

Visit https://www.chilipeppersbaseball.com/
In November the Tri-Cities Chili Peppers presented their amazing logo!

Colonial Heights Office on Youth and Human Services took action last week with "Project Sticker Shock".

You may see this sticker on your beverage this season!
Students helped pass out stickers at local markets as a reminder to our community to be safe and responsible throughout this season of celebration.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Colonial Heights!



Created with an image by Josh Harrison - "This is a shot of a decorated lamp post in Williamsburg on New Year’s Eve. The air was chilly and clear as the last few hours of the year were ticking away. As we walked down the cobblestone street, this little lamp post caught our eye; a light at the end of the tunnel - the spark of a new beginning."