Otzi's death mystery revealed Otzi(Ice man) ,You know why he is called iceman because was TOTALLY ENCASED in ice and preserved for over 5300 years.


Who is Iceman/who found him? Iceman is or was a normal human.He went hunting one day then he might have been ambushed or attacked.He was found at Austria by the Northern Alps.I think he died by getting shot by a flint arrow in the head. Otzi was found by to German tourist who were on a hike. There was a woman and a man. The woman's name is Erika Simon.The man's name is Helmut. Otzi lived during the Copper age! That's about 6000 years ago.

When he died/when he was found? Otzi was found, 19th September 1991.Scientist believe Otzi died about 5300 years ago.

Why is ice man so special

Ice man is special because his corpse were perfectly intact. Also he was perfectly and completely frozen. The Iceman's items and clothing had gave scientists a better look at what life was like in the Copper Age in Europe.

I think Otzi died by

I think Otzi died by getting shot by a bow with flint arrow.There is evidence because scientist found flint in his skull.I think hypothermia had something to do with it.Because it is really cold where Otzi was found.

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