Hindu Meal By abe daBota peyton

The Hindu people are mainly vegetarian. The only eat chicken and fish strictly no cow
The Hindu people have many gods who they all worship for different reason. The most popular is the god of peace which is a elaphant.
Appetizer: Lamb samosa. This is a popular food among Hindus. It is popular because they can't eat beef and lamb is one of the few meats they can eat.
Vegetarian borscht soup. The reason that we picked this because most Hindus cant eat certain kinds of meant so we picked a vegetarian soup.
Main dish: Chicken curry- we chose this because the main dish usually has meat and chicken is allowed in the religion.
Desert: gulab jamun: We picked it because they said it was a traditional desert in Hinduism
Drink: wines- We chose this because the Hindu people drink wine on holidays.


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