Erosion by Water and human impact


The displacement of rocks, sand, and other materials is caused from the amount of waves and storms. The human activities in water such as boating and also keeping the water clean can cause many issues when it comes to an erosion.


There are many erosion's that are happening near beaches due to the coastline. The ocean waves cause the coastline to erode. The amount of energy and force of the waves cause pieces of rocks and coastline to break off which then changes the look of the coast line. Beaches then end up diapering to where humans can not enjoy there time at beach anymore.


Solutions to minimize erosion's would be to take care of the land along with using land space efficiently. Having beaches in areas where they wont cause as much damage would be helpful to humans and the environment. Also limiting activities for people to do in water could also help. Swimming for only a little and not awhile could cause the water to not be as dirty along with the gases from boating.



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