Athletic Trainer Football field trainer

Job description

An football athletic trainer is

Education requirements

In order for you to get a job as a athletic trainer you have to have a Bachelor's degree an has to have taken 4 years of college

Skills requirement

You have to be able to socialize with be and be able to listen

Yearly salary

Athletic Trainers can make up to 40,000 - 50,000 dollars or more a year

Advantages and Disadvantages

Your advantages is that you get to open up more and get to know more people. The disadvantages is that sometimes you have to deal with uncooperative people, you have to know how to deal with stressful situations.

Career Reflection

Why you chose this career area?

I chose this career area because I think being a Athletic Trainer is fun, I think that being a athletic trainer can open you up to more people. I think it can give you more opportunities to get to know more people, so like when ever trying to meet new people outside of your job you won't be as scared as you were before.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this job?

I think I would be a good fit for this job because I'm a very open person and like to help people who are in need for help. When people are down or hurt I'm always their to help, unless it's someone I don't like.

What attracts you the most to this career?

What attracts me most to this career is that you're helping that you don't know who are hurt but at the same time having fun while you're doing it.

What are your concerns about this job?

My concerns about this job is that, I feel like on the wrong day when I'm not in the mood to put up with attitude or smart mouth people,that their going come in with an attitude an take it out me because they think their bigger then me and that i have to do what they tell me to do.


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