Setting the Scene EDUC2103 week 1

8 Things You Wouldn't Do Today! Our own experiences are not everybody's - Check out these 8 things that used to be normal, taken for granted experiences that people are not allowed to do today.

This quiz will tell you which sociologist your current thinking makes you most like. It also demonstrates the kind of questions and ways of thinking that sociologists apply to understanding the world. Play attention through the course to see whether "your" sociologist gets a mention.

Consider this quote:

(Do you know it? - Bonus points if you know the source of this quote).

Sociologists often consider society and systems from the perspective of outsiders. Taking this position allows them to question who a given system serves and how it operates. In this course we what you to consider school from this outsider ("fantastic anthropologist") perspective, rather then just reflecting on your on individual memories of school. Your memories are an important source of reflection about the schooling system, but consider them from a sociological point of view during this course.

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