june 2017

Volume 2, Number 6

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Photography captures a moment in time. Art captures time in a moment―Joyce Wycoff

state of the union

Drema Swader

The San Diego Country Fair starts this Friday. Are you planning to attend the Artists Reception at the Exhibition of Photography? As a member of Darkroomers, you can be proud of our heritage and our connection to the Exhibition of Photography. Our club's history stretches back 75 years and has been tightly intertwined with the San Diego County Fair's Photography Exhibition since its First Annual Photographic Salon, which ran between June 27th through July 6 of 1947.

It goes without saying how much photography has changed since that time. In 1941, Eastman Kodak introduced Kodacolor negative film and the Kodatron Speedlamp, an ultraspeed flash lamp--both of which changed the face of photography.

Documentary photography had a resurgence during the Great Depression which continued on into World War II. Some of the famous photographers of the time included Dorthea Lange, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand and, in Europe, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Collectively, they advanced the art and paved the way for amateur photography.

I wonder what our members were shooting around this time frame. We have prints stored in our Darkroomers archives and SCACC will be selecting prints to honor those who helped build the organization. Their work will be displayed in the Photographic Arts Building's Galleries for everyone to enjoy during the month of December.


Every time man has landed on the moon since (and including) the first landing on 20th July 1969, they’ve had to leave something behind to ensure they could safely return pieces of the moon back to earth. On every journey it has been cameras and there are reportedly 12 Hasselblad cameras on the surface of the moon today―mARTIN HARRIS


program news

The Darkroomers On Location: Central Coast trip that we had planned for May was rescheduled for July so things have been pretty quiet around the Darkroom. Most of us have been busy getting photos ready for the San Diego County Fair's Exhibition of Photography anyway so a break from the craziness was well deserved.

We will get back to our regularly scheduled program in short order but it is likely that the Central Coast trip is postponed indefinitely as more roads are becoming impassable in the region and road construction puts the brakes on a summer trip.


macro punch

Through the Looking Glass by Josi Ross

Last June, Darkroomers hosted a Table Top Reflections workshop with flashing lights that gave some of us a headache so, this year, we are going low-key with just ambient music, macro lenses and continuous lighting.


If you don't have a macro lens then, chances are, you will be able to borrow one from a fellow Darkroomer. We will have extension tubes, macro lenses, reversing rings, acrylics, lighting setups, backdrops, and various inanimates to photograph.

Bring a sack lunch because this field trip won't have a Lunch Lady but you will get Extra Credit. We start at 9 and we have to be wrapped by Noon as the Photographic Arts Building switches to summer mode.

The fun Starts at 9am so get there early and reserve your spot. Please stay to help cleanup at the end as we do need to be out of the building promptly at 12-noon.


midterm elections

It's time to start planning for our Year End program which starts in December. The first order of business is establishing the Rules Committee to establish the rules and determine the categories for image submission. The Rules Committee is established in June and is a four to six-person committee which is chaired by the Vice-President. If you are interested then let your interest be known to Jeff or Drema during the month of June and you may be selected.

The first committee meeting will be to organize the committee and will take place on Saturday, July 1st at 2P at a non-disclosed, secret, location.

Interested persons need to be available for 2 or 3 Saturdays in July and August



ice cream social

It is important for all of us to use Social Media to help promote Darkroomers. We are all in this together and it is on you to help promote the club, share your photography, tag Darkroomers on your Facebook posts and like Darkroomers Facebook Page.

You can share the photos you take at Darkroomers events on our Flickr group. We have various photo outings, events, workshops, etc... You need a Flickr account and you have to request permission but Drema or Jeff can approve you and then you can start sharing your work with the club. Your photos may even make their way into the newsletter...


By tagging posts you share on Facebook with @Darkroomers Photographic Club, you help promote the club. That will in turn link new people to our Facebook page which will generate new interest and new memberships. First, like us on Facebook. Then Like the content on our Page, accept our event invitations and add a review of the club. The club will become more popular as our the content on our Social Media channels bolster.


Clearing the air

Team Clean

The month of May was Darkroomers month to clean the building and, on short notice, the leadership jumped in to call in support from the membership to help clean the building at the last minute. It was a holiday weekend and the last opportunity to gather the troops together to clean the building but it was the only option or risk being levied a missed-cleaning penalty by SCACC. Whatever that is...

Thanks to Michael Marcus, Mike Packard, Terri Thompson, Judy Tillson, Jim Hatcher, Janie Anderson, Rick Phillips and Alain Gillot, who isn't even a Darkroomer, for pitching in and helping out.

Our next cleaning date is January 13th, 2018 at 9A for the Year End Program.


scacc news

what's in a name?

Last month SCACC presented to the world documents unearthed which honored individuals who made a significant contribution to the organization called the SCACC Fellowship.

June is SCACC history month so we found this great document that Gene Wild scanned for us last year from the SCACC archives which describes how and when The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs got its name. Prior to 1950, SCACC was known as The Photo Arts Society--which was aptly named after other societies like The Fine Arts Society and The San Diego Arts Society.

It was good to be a part of high society in the 40's


hollandaise sauce

The SCACC Meeting scheduled for July 4th has been rescheduled for June 27th at 7pm. This is how the Founders would have wanted it.


The building switches to its summer blend in June which means the galleries are open Saturdays from 12-5 and Sundays from 12-5 starting Saturday June 3rd. If you are in the Park then stop in and say hello or just stop by and checkout the new grab bars in the restroom.


public service announcement

The Michael Fairbanks Collection

Congratulations to all who were chosen by SCACC to enter this year's PSA Councils' Challenge. Special accolades go out to Darkroomer, Michael Fairbanks, whose images were selected to compete across all 3 sections of the competition. Michael was the only member across all the clubs who had images that were selected to compete in all 3 sections: Nature, Color and Monochrome.


teenage fan club

SCACC replaced the ceiling fans in the main gallery with new energy-efficient, high-flow, industrial grade fans. These new fans are digital and controlled from a single box on the wall rather than the strings, cables and pulleys used to control the fans of the old system.



Andrew Hudson

Our judge for June is accomplished writer and photographer, Andrew Hudson. Born in England, Andrew received a formal education in Computer Engineering from Manchester University and worked as a communications engineer in London and Iraq.

His last real job was Sales Manager for British Telecom but, during a round-the-world trip in 1994, Andrew became frustrated that none of the guide books he’d brought explained where to photograph the exotic beach used in the James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun. That is when Andrew imagined a series of travel guide books designed for photographers. Two years later, in 1996, Andrew quit his job and started PhotoSecrets Publishing and has published 61 books.


in all fairness...

This year the San Diego Fair is happening and here is what is happening at the San Diego Fair this year. Unless otherwise noted, all workshops and happenings take place in the Veranda Café on the Second Floor of the East Grandstand.

Parking is a bit of a mixed bag. Carpooling is recommended as parking is $13 ($23 for preferred parking.) The main lots fill up quickly and you will be forced to park in one of the satellite lots if you wait too long so get there early otherwise you will be walking a few miles just to get to the entrance or need to be bused to the front gate.

Free parking/shuttle options are available from off-site parking locations at The Del Mar Horse Park, Torrey Pines High School, Mira Costa College--San Elijo Campus. Check sdfair.com/plan-your-visit/parking/ to find out what times, for the days you want to attend, each off-site location is operational before heading out.

The fair runs June 2nd-July 4th. Times vary daily. Check the San Diego County Fair's Website for more information.


Artists Reception

If you had a photo that made it into Tier 2 then you will want to go to the Artists Reception to see if it made it into the exhibition, won an award or received a mention. You can also pick up your prize money if you won. This is a great opportunity to hob-nob with some of San Diego's finest photographers.

Pro Tip: There are no tickets to this event. No proof that you have entered into the San Diego County Fair's International Exhibition of Photography is required in order to be admitted to this event so this is a terrific opportunity for folks who have not entered the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair to come see the exhibit and meet the photographers of San Diego for free.

This is the one event where you will meet more local photographers in your life

Thursday June 1st, 6:30P - 8:30P; 2nd Floor East Grandstand; Main Gallery; Parking on site in the Main Lot is Free and Plentiful.


Judges' roundtable

The Judges' Roundtable is kind of like the Knights of the Roundtable but for those who judge photos. This event is a special interactive engagement that opens a dialog between judges and photographers in an effort for photographers and artists to get a better understanding of how images are judged, why specific images were rejected or accepted, and what one can do to improve their craft.

  • Wednesday June 7th; 7P


judges' judging judges

It's springtime so that means alliteration is in the air and, when judges start talking, people start listening. Come listen to what the judges think about your work during this unique engagement where you can bring in your images and have a judge critique them.

Those images that were rejected at Tier 1 can be brought in to the critique on a thumb drive and they will have judges critiquing your work on a 55 inch display. Those whose images were rejected in Tier 2 can pickup their rejected prints from the information desk and ask the judges to explain themselves.

It's a dog-eat-dog world of palindromes and anagrams; Wednesday June 14th; 7P



If your competitive juices are out of control then you may want see a doctor, consider joining Poly Photo, post your photos to a few more Facebook groups, join PSA, enter your photos in a ViewBug contest or you could take part in a Photo Shootout at the San Diego County Fair. Photo Shootouts are a real hootenanny and are conducted in real time--which means you enter, shoot, compete and win in just a few short hours. Shootout subject criteria varies by competition but cash prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Saturday June 17th and Saturday June 24th; 3P; Judging starts at 6:30P; $10 which includes admission into the Fair.

space is limited and you must register by June 2nd


tips from photographers

June is Secrets of Photography month and you will find no better place to get more secrets on photographing San Diego than by talking to seasoned photographers who do nothing but photograph San Diego. You can find them and get their secrets at the 2nd annual Tips from Photographers panel discussion at the Fair.

  • Wednesday June 21st; 7P


weekend "workshops"

The fair, out of tradition, calls their weekend presentations, "Workshops".These Workshops are not of the same caliber of a Darkroomers Weekend Workshop. They are closer in format to what Poly Photo loosely calls a Workshop--which is really just a guy talking.

Saturday, June 10

  • 12:30P - Art of Heart & Soul Interviewing--Jane Mitchell
  • 2P - Lighting Techniques--Tony Amat/Rodney Regala

Sunday, June 11

  • 12:30P - Intro to Video for Still Shooters--David King
  • 3:30P - Creating Panoramas with Software & Cameras--Tim Mathiesen

Friday, June 16

  • 1:30P - Forensic Photography--Bob Jacobson
  • 4:30P - Lighting--Duane Murphy

Saturday, June 17

  • 12:30P - Composition for More Powerful Visual Statements--Wayne Richard
  • 2P - Compositing Magic --Stephen Burns
  • 3:30P - Posing People--Duane Murphy

Sunday, June 18

  • 12:30P - Photoshop Jeopardy--Larry Vogel
  • 3:30P - Macro Photography - Mistakes & Mishaps--Monica Royal
  • 5P - Lens Based Art--Pete Liebeg

Friday, June 23

  • 1:30P - A Shot in the Dark-Night Photography--Les & Mary Anderson
  • 4:30P - Long Exposure Photography Made Easy --Ray Acevedo
  • 6P - Drone Photography--Aldryn Estacio

Saturday, June 24

  • 2P - Infuse Depth Into Your Imagery --Stephen Burns

Sunday, June 25

  • 3:30P -Desert Landscape - Find Your Angel --Ernie Cowan

Friday, June 30

  • 1:30P - Watching Wildlife Rocks: Capturing Wildlife Images --Sandy Zelasko
  • 3P - Oh My Gosh, How Does Vogel Do It?--Larry Vogel
  • 4:30P - Long Exposure Photography --Bodhi Smith

Saturday, July 1

  • 11A - Water Drop Photography --Carol Cohn
  • 12:30P - San Diego Photoshop Users Group --Stephen Burns
  • 5P - Photoshop for Creative Professionals --Stephen Burns

Sunday, July 2

  • 12:30P –Telling the story: Wildlife in Focus --Sandy Zelasko
  • 2P - Photo Editing Workflow with Photoshop/Lightroom/NIK --Bodhi Smith
  • 5P - Lens Based Art--Pete Liebig


community news


Iconic by Jeff Booher

The Park began a program last year, in an attempt to reach a younger generation, which transformed the drab, early 1900's Spanish ambience of the Park, into a chic, hip experience--complete with food trucks, DJ's, circus performers and late-night museum experiences.

Park After Dark runs every Friday between Memorial Day through Labor Day and happens when the sun goes down or 5PM, whichever comes first. The experience is free but you will need to pay admission to get into the museums and eat the food. So, pretty much, not that different than any other day at the Park except for the food trucks, disco and circus performers. Well, maybe just the Food Trucks.

the park is like Lollapalooza every friday night this summer


Furs, Tails, Feathers & Scales


ArtHatch and Distinction Gallery are excited to present a Studio Artists Exhibition featuring the collective art of their very own in-house ArtHatch Studio Artists. Highlighting a wide range of work from original paintings, photography, and other mixed media, this exhibit is a representation of the broad spectrum of current local San Diego artists. Over 30 emerging and accomplished artists will come together to present their artistic voices and inspirations in the spirit of Animals to give rise to a diverse and creative show.

The Opening Reception with Live Music will be held on Saturday, June 10 from 6-10P. Studio artists within the ArtHatch building will have their studios open to the public as well. The exhibition will run from June 1o through July 1. The Opening Reception with the Artists, Live Music, Open Studios, will be held Saturday June 10 from 6-10PM. Free.


magic mike

Larry’s Backyard by Michael Fairbanks

Photographers Magic Hour at the Motor Transport Museum is your opportunity to capture the magic of the museum after hours. That magic moment just before sunset when the ambience allows for a more subtle variant of color and mood. And for the enthusiasts, the opportunity to capture trucks by the light of the full moon. This is when the trucks really start talking, no longer an inanimate object, they become alive!

This is a rare opportunity for photographers to capture a unique photo and meet other photographers who share the same passion.

  • July 9th; 5P - 10P; Donations Appreciated. Drinks and snacks available for purchase.




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Jeff Booher, Michael Fairbanks, Josi Ross

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