Amazing Dinosaurs By: Maria.bandwa


Many Dinosaurs used to live before us. There were many types of dinosaurs. In this article you will learn about these three amazing dinosaurs,T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Gallimimus. Each are different shapes, sizes and personalities.

Venn diagram


The T-rex lived in asia and was a big carnivore. Carnivores are animals that eat meat. It was one of the biggest dinosaurs on land. It had large jaws and teeth that were adapted for eating meat and bones. It had a powerful bite on the meat it ate. The teeth would crush on the bones of


dinosaur. The diet was flesh. The T-rex was measured up to 43ft long and the weight was 7.5 tons. The length w39ft (12m). Its skull was 5ft long. No one knows why the T-rex’s arms were so small but the T-rex’s arms were strong. The legs were very strong and the legs were thick.


Stegosaurus lived in USA and was a herbivore it also had a toothless beak made of a hornlike substance. At the back of its mouth were rows of teeth that it used to crush leaves, chewing them to pulp with simple up-and-down movements. Stegosaurus also had narrow head and a mouth like a beak. Stegosaurus had a double row large spikes,a long neck, back and tail. The length was 13-20 ft(4-6m) long and the Height was 14ft. It had a large diamond-shaped spikes that ran along the back of this famous dinosaur. Although the plates would have made the Stegosaurus look bigger and more fearsome, they were no good as armor because they weren’t very strong.



The Gallimimus lives in asia and was an omnimover, that would mean it eats plants and meat. The Gallimimus would eat small animals, leaves, seeds, eggs and insects. It was also the fastest sprinter out of any dinosaur. Also the

Gallimimus was very large and 3 times as tall as a man. It weighed 1,000lb (455 kg). The Gallimimus was 11 ft tall and (3.4 meters) 20ft long.



Though dinosaurs lived before us we will never forget

them. Now you learned about these amazing 3 dinosaurs the T-rex, Stegosaurus, Gallimimus. Dinosaurs were extinct before humans came in. Although we never got to meet them they are still remembered.They are always a part in our world

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