Daniel Ortega Nicaragua


Current president of Nicaragua (1984 - 1990, 2007 - present)

Daniel Ortega was a revolutionary leader in charge of the FSLN. As a member of the Sandinista Junta, he was looked upon as an icon for the poor against the Contras. He was captured in 1967, but later got out of prison at the end of the war. He is on his third presidential term which caused a big controversy, but he still has a mass support from the people of Nicaragua, especially the poor.


The themes of history that fit Ortega the best would be Change and Overthrow. Change, because while Nicaragua was ran by several military dynasties before, it had a revolution is the 60's that changed it to a presidential republic democracy. Overthrow, because the Sandinistas took power over the Somoza regime in 1979. While another anti-Sandinista party won an election leading to the first female Nicaraguan president, Ortega came back into power.


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