Volcano By Danny

What is a volcano?

A volcano is a sometime a mountain and other times just an explosion out of the ground that is formed by convergent plates colliding with each other or an oceanic and continental plates colliding. It has a magma chamber that holds the magma. Magma rises into the magma chamber. Then up the vent. Next it will get to the surface and cause an eruption. When the magma comes up it is known as lava but its the same substance as magma just above ground.

How to they work?

They work with heat and pressure because when the magma get enough pressure it rises into the magma chamber and then cause an eruption.

Where to they form?

They form around the borders of plates. Because that is where the magma can come up. Most are mountains that form with convergent boundaries. One of the biggest volcanic activity in the ring of fire which is along the edge of the pacific plate.

What to they look like?

The look like a mountain or a very small hill. Though all of them have an opening where the magma will come out. And some may have an enclosed hole because it is extinct.

Are the eruption styles important?

The eruption style is very important. It is important because it can mark different types of volcanoes.


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