Twisted BY: natalia villarreal

Sandy Rivers was a beautiful young twenty-one year old woman that was quite fearless and very serious about her career. She was the youngest detective and very trustworthy and everyone knew they can count on her for tasks she had to complete.

One day, Sandy was sitting in her office revising cases and making sure she didn’t miss anything or replaced any. As Sandy was looking through her cases, which weren't very extravagant, the phone rang. As she looked at the telephone, she got this odd feeling that this was something else. Something she has never experienced. She was right.

“HPD this is Detective Rivers speaking how may i help you?”. “I need help! asap! My daughter has….”. The line cut off and you could tell by Sandy’s face that this was confusing. All that went through Sandy’s mind was how desperate the woman sounded and how loud the car honks were, so Sandy automatically knew the woman was outdoors in a busy trafficking place. Sandy immediately retraced the number and calls back the woman.

As the phone was ringing, the ringing sound stops… there is dead silence for about 5 seconds. Then, the woman starts screaming tremendously saying “i need help! I need help!”. Sandy tries to calm her down and tries to get some information from her and she is writing down what the woman is saying down on a notepad. The woman finally calms down and starts hyperventilating as she speaks to sandy. The woman says, “i was walking down the alley with my little girl and this man comes and strikes me across the face and takes my baby girl”.

”Okay ma’am stay calm, can you give me and exact location for where you are now or where this occurred?”, says Sandy. The woman Automatically responds saying “on West Avenue by the Houston airport”. As the woman is still in shock and continues to weep and gasp for air, sandy calls in backup and the Department starts to do their research to look for the suspect.

About 5 minutes later, 4 police squad cars start racing to the location the woman is in and the crime scene. When they got there, the woman was sitting in the corner, bawling her eyes out. Her eyes were quite puffy and there was a bright red hand mark on her face. You can tell the slap was really painful, her face started bleeding just a little bit but she didn't care, she was just sobbing and sobbing and shaking in fear. Fear that she might never get her daughter back again.

Sandy gets out of the car immediately and when she does, her eyes automatically fall towards the woman in the corner. Sandy dashes towards her and puts her arms around her as the woman cries. The woman was open towards any questions Sandy had to ask her. The woman said her daughter was 5 years of age and she has thin brunette hair and loves to wear bows.

The little girl’s name was Ava Brinkley. Ava was very charismatic and full of life. She was very nice and was never selfish. She was tiny for her age and she was enrolled in West Houston elementary. Ava had never met her dad. Mr. Brinkley left Ava and her mother when Ava was a fetus. Ava’s mother raised Ava as best as she could, and yes, she did great at raising such a wise little girl.

Back at the station, they examined the hand mark the mysterious man had made on the woman. The slap was so powerful that they were able to retrace the fingerprint of the index finger. They found a match and the match had said, Martin Brinkley. Sandy was shocked and immediately researched for Ava’s birth certificate to see whether it was Ava’s father or not. As soon as Sandy found it, she knew this fight wouldn't be easy.

Sandy walked into the conference room where the woman had been waiting in to tell her the news she had on the man. You could tell by the woman's face expression of despair that she had lost hope and dignity. But Sandy tried to make her feel better by offering anything she could give her, whether it was physically or emotionally.

The next morning came and the police were on the search for Mr. Brinkley. It didn't take long for them to find him in a cabin right outside of Houston with of course, Ava. When they found Mr. Brinkley, Ava immediately clinged onto her dad as she was frightened by all the guns the police had. The police were very confused. Why would any child feel safe with a stranger that kidnapped them?

Back at the station, the police were questioning Ava and asking her why she felt secure with the man. Ava said “he told me he was my dad and showed me his birthmark on his elbow”. Ava later said that her mom had showed her a picture of Mr. Brinkley and there was a birthmark he had on his left elbow that matched the one Ava also had. Mr. Brinkley never mistreated Ava in the short time they had together. Mr. Brinkley immediately decided to get full custody of Ava since he was her biological father. In the court, the judge made a very complex decision on whether she would allow the man to get custody of this little girl. The judge decided to not let such a violent man have full custody of Ava and should remain with her mom and Mr. Brinkley was charged with kidnap and harassment and went to jail for about 3 months. When he got out, he was allowed to see Ava on the weekends with the supervision of Ava’s mom.

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