Roll of thunder portfolio Ben Malo period 4

Jim Crow laws


During the time of Jim Crow this was actually a law. A black man could not shake hands with a white man. This would show that the black man was at the same social par as the white man. If this happened the black man would be lynched with no trail.


Another law during Jim Crow was that, if a white man came into the bus the black man had to move to the back. They even had signs that the blacks had to move! If you did not abide by these laws you would most likely be lynched. Also, black students didn't even get school buses! White kids, of course, did.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the biggest economical crisis in American history. It was a humongous stock market crash. It left thousands of good Americans bankrupt. Failing company started to lay off workers so more and more people became unemployed. By 1933 13 to 15 million Americans jobless. Many of our countries banks had failed.This depression hit cotton the most. This is why papa Logan has to work away from home a lot. Although it hurt everyone, it especially hurt the blacks who were already behind because of prodigious.

Abolishment of slavery

The abolishment of slavery was a huge step in the right direction for White Americans. It also meant that the days were gone, where blacks were second class citizens. After years of black in slavery these words from the Emancipation Proclamation ended their suffering,"Niether slavery nor involuntary servitude..... will exist in the United States of America". Well, at least that's what they thought. Whites still treated them as if they were under them and were good for nothing. Mama explains this to Cassie in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, "“Even the Northerners who fought the war didn’t really see us equal to white people."(Taylor 220).


Lynching is the unlawful act of punishing someone without a free trial. For blacks during the 1930's, mostly in the south, these lynchings ended in the victim being murdered. In most cases lynching ended in either a burning or a hanging. This applied in Roll of thunder when the night men came to punish TJ for breaking into the Barnett's home. The night men barged into TJ's home, beat up his little brother, mom, and dad in front of him. They were going to hang him too, but Papa started a fire to stop them. During this gruesome scene TJ is dragged out of his home, “Then T.J. emerged, dragged from the house on his knees. His face was bloody and when he tried to speak he cried with pain, mumbling his words as if his jaw were broken. Mr. Avery tried to rise to get to him, and was knocked over again". (Taylor 418)


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