Sports Player/Athelte By: Patrick Varga

What is a Sports Player/ Athlete?

What are they?

Sports players/Athletes play sports, it's their job. They play inside and outside. They play certain Sports like Soccer, Football, Baseball, and Hockey. (There are a lot more)

Skills Needed for this Occupation

Skills Needed

For this occupation you have to think fast, make good decisions, and sometimes be a leader.

Duties Needed For this Occupation

Duties Needed

For this occupation you need to Play the sport you are in. This includes going to games and practices. At games you will go against another team to see which team is better. At practices you will practice and your coach will try to make you better.

Education Needed for this Occupation

Education Needed

For most jobs under Sports Player/Athlete you will only need a High School Diploma.

Salary earned from this Occupation


Your average salary earned from this occupation is $44,680.

Occupational Outlook for this Job

Occupational Outlook

The Occupational Outlook for this job is average. People say this is because of the population, and also because people are starting to like watching their favorite sport be payed professionally.

Why I picked this Career

Why I picked this Career

I chose this career because I really like Hockey. I am really into it and if there was any job I would like to have in the future it would be an NHL player. If I couldn't make that then I would want to play hockey for the college I go to, to get a Scholarship.


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