Year in Review 2017 A lot has happened This year that will make it a significant one in Students for Global Health’s History! Below we look at some of our biggest and most memorable moments of the year, as well as some other important stories in Global Health

Our February Global Health Conference, Seeing the Spectrum, was for the first time hosted jointly by two branches, University College London and King’s College London.
Students for Global Health was represented at the International Federation of Medical Students Associations March Meeting in Montenegro by (left to right): Florence Mutlow, Lizzy Morgan, Behrouz Nezafat, Millie Adams-Davies, Jessica Elliott, Georgia Adamson, Julia Symons, Rachel Higgins, Iain Doig, Anusheh Javaid, Clair Brash, Shruthi Mahadevan and Gemma Whyatt
Students for Global Health was represented at the International Federation of Medical Students Associations European Regional meeting in turkey (Left to Right): Lucy SIngh, Sam Tweed, Anusheh Javaid, Vini Soundarajan, Liban Ahmed , Jessica Elliott, (Bottom to top): Julia Symons, Behrouz Nezafat and Ben Eder.
The Spring General Assembly saw the biggest agenda for voting members ever seen at a Students for Global Health voting weekend. This was hosted with a set of talks and workshops titled Food for Thought and was hosted by the Newcastle branch.
The World Health Organisation general assembly elected Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia as their new DIrector-General, the first African to hold the post. This was the first Director-General election in which each member state was allowed to vote.
We officially became Students for Global health! We changed from being Medsin to Students for Global Health after years of hard work from the name change task-force!
Students for Global Health member Anusheh Javaid from the Cardiff Branch was appointed as International Federation of Medical Students Associations European Region General Assistant
Students for Global Health was represented at the International Federation of Medical Students Associations August Meeting in Tanzania by (left to right): Lucy Singh, Jem Mickles, Anna Lewis, Elizabeth Westwood, Alice Blewitt, Liban Ahmed, Anusheh Javaid, Dylan Goh and Gemma Whyatt
For the first time ever, the National Committee hosted the Autumn Weekend (at King’s College London), this included our first national training day, which was deemed a huge success!
In the evening of the Autumn Weekend, the Students for Global Health Launch Party was held in the Royal Geographical Society! The evening had speeches, a meal, cake and dancing, and was attended by members, alumni and supporters
On the second day of the Autumn Weekend there was a short general assembly and a first ever “ideas café” during which branch, and national committee, members had a chance to talk about their ideas about different aspects of the organisation
The National Conference was hosted by the Leeds Branch and looked at sustainability in global health and what our Legacy will be
Briton, Peter Sands, former NHS lead non-executive Director and former Standard Chartered CEO was elected to become the Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
The Training New Trainers weekend was held in two different locations, the picture above shows the cohort and trainers in Keele, and the picture below shows the cohort in Brighton
We cannot wait for everything that is in store for 2018! Keep an eye out for regional training days, news from international events and, of course, our Global Health Conference, Drugs: Our Daily Med, in Aberdeen.
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