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Women’s Marches

By: Vanessa Sanchez Dominguez

The Women’s march is a global event that consist of women gathering in public places to protest for the rights of communities receiving prejudice. Most marches occurred January 21st, 2017.

These gatherings took place in cities around the world, New York, N.Y., Los Angeles, CA., Washington, DC., London, England, and even in Austin, TX. Susan Mcfarland, a Chemistry teacher at Manor New Tech, participated in the Women's March in Austin. “It is important for us to express our feelings towards both the President [Donald Trump] and how we feel about everything that is going on,” says Ms.Mcfarland, “It is really important for the various groups to see that someone is supporting them. There are people who aren’t even being discriminated against or fall in the category yet they are supporting those who are, it’s like saying ‘that’s my brother/sister you cannot do that.’”

The march taking a break, a look at the enormous amount of people who came to support. Photo credit: Susan Mcfarland

Ms.Mcfarland expresses why she chose to attend. “It’s important for us to express our feelings towards Trump, his behavior cannot be accepted,” says Ms.Mcfarland, “It was empowering to see everyone gathered together.”

Ms.Mcfarland adds how she feels the marches are benefiting the cause they set out for. “They are sending a strong message. There will be no tolerance for his [Donald Trump’s] disrespect, his sexual harassment will not be accepted,” says Ms.Mcfarland.

Katie Mcclendon, A dual-credit professor at Manor New Tech, states, “There are many reasons in which I attended the march, We all felt the same, similar politics, It was an event that reminded us that you aren’t alone.”

Ms.Mcclendon comments on the benefit of the marches, “ The visibility. To have so many articles showing the large number of people that gathered, not only across this country but around the world. I think it took away some of Trump’s steam so to speak and reminded him that are a large number of people who disagree with the policies that he’s trying to put in place.”

What prompted the Women’s marches is the rise of Trump into presidency. This caused the gatherings of the many people who do not agree or feel he is fit to be president. Ms.Mcfarland comments, “Every Day of his [Trump’s] presidency is counter productive.” she also states, “I think he [Trump] has some serious psychiatric disabilities that should be attended to. I do think he's narcissistic and he can’t see that, that his priorities are about people liking him and him being popular and successful rather than the country being successful.”

A group from the Women’s March marching downtown. Visual support from the taller buildings. Photo Credit: Susan Mcfarland

Another main cause was the crude comments President Trump had made towards women and other groups. Ms.Mcfarland states, “Outrage. He’s [Trump] sick. He has harmful views. He is bringing back the bad of past generations”. Ms.Mcclendon states “Uuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhh. The things he said were scary. Disheartening.”

The gatherings will continue to occur until things that caused have changed or been resolved to an extent. Women and other groups affected will fight for their cause no matter what.

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