Whitkirk News! 29th january 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Hello everyone - at home and at school, another busy and successful week here at Whitkirk; assignments have been flying around and we are super impressed with the work which is being completed on and off site. I am so glad we are entering February soon and I can see snowdrops peeking through which is a sign of better weather and longer days. It is so important that we all look after ourselves and get outside and exercise in the fresh air. I know the weather doesn't keep our children in here at school so please do get out and about if you can. We are working on our end of half term Health and Well being week and have lots of ideas to join home and school and ensure our connections remain strong - more information about this will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, next week is storytelling week. Let us surround ourselves with the very best stories and fire our imaginations every day! I am very excited and look forward to sharing and hearing some of the very best stories there are.......my only problem is : how will I choose my favourite? Take care everyone.

Headteacher Recruitment:

We are undertaking our headteacher recruitment process next week. This will be a full and rigorous process which involves our Governors in the Interim Executive Board, our school staff team, senior leadership team as well as the most important ones of all - our children. It will all be done remotely but please be reassured it will be a thorough process. We will let you know the outcome next week!


Please remember to park safely and respectfully. Templegate Walk is for permit holders only. On the streets surrounding Templegate Walk, please ensure that you do not park in a way which prevents buses/ emergency vehicles from continuing their route.

Read, read and read some more!

Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads. The author of the week this week on the Virtual School Library is Nizarna Farook. You can read or listen to The Girl Who Stole an Elephant completely FREE below, watch an exclusive video about Nizrana's new book, The Boy Who Met a Whale, discover her top three children's books and read an interview all about reading. Next week is National Storytelling Week, this would be the perfect time to listen to a recommended text by a famous author!


The Girl Who Stole an Elephant - Chaya, a no-nonsense, outspoken hero, leads her friends and a gorgeous elephant on a noisy, fraught, joyous adventure through the jungle where revolution is stirring and leeches lurk. Will stealing the queen's jewels be the beginning or the end of everything for the intrepid gang?

What are our teachers reading?:

I was SO excited when I spotted Miss Quarmby's favourite book was Goodnight Mr Tom as that is also a firm favourite of my own (I LOVE history!). My ultimate book has got to be a Roald Dahl classic; a book that I first read at primary school, and last read only a couple of months ago! My worn copy of.... Matilda reminds me of what you can achieve with a love of learning, kindness towards each other and a few magical powers! Looking for a new book? Have a new 'top pick' to recommend? Our book recommendations continue in Year 6 and being apart doesn't stop us! Please click the button below to add your own. You might find your next book! Mrs Martin

I often ask the children we teach what they would like to be when they grow up. I love to hear their responses, such as astronauts, firefighters, footballers, ballerinas and most recently ‘YouTubers’. I adore this series of books and stories as they show each and everyone of us the endless possibilities that we can aim for! By reading about inspirational artists and dreamers, it gives us the strength to dream BIG and believe in ourselves and what we can do! I can’t wait to dive into the Music Stars book set I’ve just had delivered. Next time you pass me by, I would love to hear what you want to be when you grow up! – Miss Lynch

A few pictures from a favourite illustrator!

These were spotted online this week and made us smile! Can you name all 8 of the original stories?

Assignments and Remote Education:

We have seen many letters from schools on social media sharing what a fabulous job parents/ carers and doing and we would like to echo just that! We're now four weeks into Remote Learning and we've just found out that we still have a way to go! We know that you're trying to be Mum/ Dad, teacher, friend whilst also juggling own work commitments and everyday life- we just want to shout from the roof tops a huge WELL DONE!

We know that everybody's circumstances are different and what a challenge it is to keep going during this pandemic. We do have high expectations of remote learning and we're setting a lot of learning each week but please stick with, please keep reading, please keep practising those times tables, please continue to join live lessons where you can - it will make such a difference. Each Monday, your child's class teacher will outline the assignments to be submitted that week. At present, there are a high number of paper-resources being sent to pupils. These resources will now be shared via Class Dojo each week and paper-packs will only be provided for those children with no internet access. We have 98% of our parents/ carers signed up to Class Dojo. Even if your child is not able to join live lessons, please do your best to ensure that assignments are completed and uploaded to Microsoft Teams so that teachers can give feedback.

We are doing all we can to ensure that pupils learning is disrupted as little as feasibly possible during this difficult time as we care about each and every one of their futures. All we ask is that everybody does their best and together we will all continue to strive to be "the best we can be". Finally, we may be "closed" to the majority of pupils but we are still here for all of our families and we are only ever a phone call or a virtual cup of tea away!

Learning through games!

We are so proud of our home learners and how hard they have been working! We love exploring maths in real-life contexts and playing maths games whenever we can! This fantastic 'sum turnover' game is a great two-player game for adding 2 or 3 single-digit numbers. Lots of strategy and good fun! Remember to share with your teachers if you have a go! The 2 minute video below explains everything that you need to know- why not have a go this evening?

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


This week, we have loved playing the role of police officers. In school, the children uncovered a crime scene which they thoroughly investigated. There were missing buns from the school kitchen and footprints of flour left in the classroom as they made their getaway! At school, the children recorded what they could see and created list of suspects. The children at home drew the 'bun thief' based on the witness statement that was read to them and then wrote a description of the suspect. We have also been observing and collecting our unique and special fingerprints. In school we have been making number sentences with our fingerprints too!


Year 1 - This week in PSHE, we discussed the word 'belonging' and what it means to us. We spoke about how we all fit in and belong to our school and we show this through our uniforms, rules and friendship groups. We also shared how we belong to our families, and even how our families have different birthplaces/places in the world where they feel they also belong! In our writing this week, we have used the movie 'Shrek' to inspire us! We have created potion recipes and character profiles involving fairy tale creatures. We wrote descriptions about The Wicked Witch, Pinocchio and even Tinkerbell!

Year 2 pupils have had so much fun in English this week as Shrek has been our story to support our learning. We have learnt all about using commas to write potions (and lists!) We can now use apostrophes to talk about possessions AND we even got chance to act out the characters when we took part in hot seating. There were definitely some fantastic Shrek impersonators!

We have also been busy in Science where we had to rescue Humpty Dumpty from another great fall! We have had great fun investigating different materials and their properties in Science . We experimented which material had the best properties to protect an Humpty Dumpty falling from a height. We discovered- much to our surprise- that out of plastic, paper, rubber, metal and fabric that paper was the clear winner! In RE, we have been learning about the Church and why it is a special place for Christians. What will next week’s learning bring?


We have had another busy week in Year 3- we have been on our own Ancient Egyptian adventure! From being historians by looking at a range of artefacts discovered from Ancient Egypt, to being inquisitive readers whilst reading our whole class text 'Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery' and marvellous mathematicians through dividing with remainders! There were so many different imaginative ideas, from boat trips down The River Nile to getting trapped inside pyramids with secret passageways. We used our new letter writing skills to write home to our parents and tell them all about it! This afternoon (Friday), we are continuing the mummification process on our apples which we started a few weeks ago. We can’t wait to see the dried out apples and begin the wrapping part of the process! We are also making canopic jars for our apple pips. We are absolutely loving our Ancient Egyptian topic in Year 3 and it has been fantastic to see so many children reading non fiction books about Egypt at home and finding out even more interesting facts to share with us all! Our brains have been so busy this week but that has not stopped us showing determination and resilience in our learning! All the Year 3 team are so proud of the children working both in school and at home!

Another fantastic week in Year 4, both in school and at home! This week, we've been focusing our writing on how we have discovered our own planet and reporting our findings back to Y3. We've loved bringing a 'spacey' theme to our English this week, creating our planets, languages and even a new species. In Science, we've been looking at evaporation and how a liquid can change to a gas on different surfaces and containers. We've also thought about some real-world examples of evaporation, like on washing line. Also, to continue our learning question, "Is water a Friend or Foe?" we've looked at how we use water in and out of school and how we can save water to help our planet. And we still had time to fit in some dancing too!


Year 5 are to blame if you saw a few parachutes flying on Tuesday afternoon-not sorry! It's been pouring this week, and aside from testing parachutes from our bedroom windows, we've had a very busy week-particularly in English. With just two more weeks to go, we've nearly finished reading our class text-Skellig. Who knew this mysterious creature would love a cheeky Chinese, calling it "food of the gods!" All the teachers in Year 5 would like to say a huge well done to all the children who really do continue to inspire us all with their positivity, determination, and with their knowledge of ICT! I think it’s safe to say the teachers need an upgrade! Hats off to our little heroes! 🌟

'Per-cent, per-cent, per 100!' has been echoing through the Year 6 classroom (and homes) this week! We have moved onto looking at fractions, decimals, and percentages: comparing, ordering and just about everything else with them! We've looked at the different ways that these can be represented and solved the problem of the stolen chocolate cake! In English, we kick started the week with a jigsaw scramble to uncover clues of our next task. Our learners (both remote and in school) would give GCSE Temple-Moor students a run for their money with their mature and in-depth comparisons of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the impression that Shakespeare gives of their changing personas throughout! Well done Year 6, you have dived into the challenges this week and showed so much enthusiasm too!

Star of the Week!

We hope you all have a safe and restful weekend!

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