The real you, your true self is who you are in relationship to God.

Knowledge is useful. Union with God is sight.

You can try to add to it by acquisition, education, achievement and wealth. But this does not change who you are. The development and growth of who you are occurs exclusively in relationship with Father. This exclusive union is the one thing relevant to your real identity.

The relationship between you and our Father is who you are.

Your true self grows in union with God. This oneness ensures that 'the you' that you are is actually you. Union with God reveals your glory. It grows you into you reason for being - your destiny and purpose.

Your glory is the freedom to be your uncontrived self.

Father and Son are fully themselves. You are too when interwoven with them. Over our life our real self, our true identity will either shrivel or grow. It grows when Christ is our life and we allow ourselves to be interwoven into the being of God. We are sons. Rooted by the Vine in real union with God, our branches and fruit will increasingly exhibit wisdom and revelation. Rooted in externalities, abstractions and false identities we will go blind. We will lose the facility to know and spend our time in delusion.

Self created illuson

Present to Father in Jesus, you will be present to yourself and present to life. The substitution of externalities for a real identity will will render you a ghost of your real self and develop a bubble around you that distorts every perception. But you have a life and a real identity when Christ is your life.

In union with God we know God as He is and we know ourselves as we are and the truth that sets us free from illusion and fantasy to know as God knows.
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