Capital Planning for Recovery .

Capital planning for your business and your clients is harder than ever.

Entrepreneurs, CFOs, and business leaders may be surprised to hear that the U.S. is awash in capital. But despite the blind emails you might be receiving from banks and private equity investors, making capital work for your business and your client - at the best terms with the most flexibility - is not something that is easy to do.

We know that many companies are facing serious challenges in all aspects, and particularly with respect to capitalization, now and in the coming quarters. Management, equity owners and lenders will all have full plates as they address critical supply chain, labor, operational, regulatory and customer issues that will increasingly manifest as a result of the disruptions taking place. These stakeholders require an independent strategic advisor to guide them through the range of strategic alternatives (mergers, divestitures, real estate sale-leasebacks, alternative capital sourcing) to address the capitalization of these businesses.

Whether you are a management team looking hard and fast at strategic alternatives, a financial sponsor with too many fires to fight or a creditor needing both independence and accountability for regulators, we stand ready to apply our expertise and resources. We are experienced, thoughtful, nimble and action oriented.

We founded Industria Partners on the belief that to best serve the needs of our clients, we must be relevant to them at all points of the economic cycle - not just when things are going well. We call it Full Cycle Strategic Advisory - and we consider our team as strategic advisors, first and foremost, in our approach to finding and creating solutions to our client's challenges.

We partner with borrowers, financial sponsors, lenders and those with capital constraints. Our partners are grounded in experience and have navigated through disruption before.

You need someone aligned with your organization that has a working knowledge of your industry and your competitors.

We can help you sort through options for funding your business today, tomorrow, and priming for growth down the road, and provide outsourced CFO services focused on strategic capital decisions and capital stack optimization.

  • Is now the right time to buy out one of your shareholders?
  • Transition your company to your management team?
  • Refinance your debt with more flexible terms?
  • Raise capital to act on market displacement and growth opportunities?

We are ready to help, and our fees are an investment that pay for themselves many times over.

Don't wait. Let's start the conversation.

About the Firm

Industria Partners provides focused strategic advisory services to energy and industrial companies at every point across the business cycle. Through industry connectivity, transaction experience, and expert execution, Industria delivers superior outcomes to its clients.