Sports in Precolonial to Postcolonial in Ibo culture. By:Manuel Arechiga

Sports in Ibo culture were very important. Sometimes they were used to solve disputes. If you were a winner in a sport you were viewed or treated differently.

Types of Sports in Precolonial Nigeria: -Wrestling, Hunting, Running.

Postcolonial: Wrestling, football (soccer), boxing, track and field, and tennis.

-Nigeria respect was earned through wrestling. If you were a leader in the tribe you may have earned it through sports.

- Wrestled during harvest season.

- Each village had it's own wrestling grounds.

- You lost if you were lifted from the ground.

Left: Football (Soccer), Right: Boxing - Both came from Postcolonial time.

Football became the most popular sport in Nigeria. Nigeria has won many gold medals for the sport since then in today's Olympics.


- Wrestling was the most popular sport in Precolonial Ibo.

- The British bought many sports.

- Football (Soccer) took over as the most popular sport today.

- Many sports were modified, but not a lot to effect is massively.

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