January Musing Engaged Parnership

Instructions for the 2016 Local Alliance Church Annual Report will be e-mailed to each pastor/church on January 10, 2017. The deadline for congregations to complete the Annual Report is February 10. Please encourage your churches to begin working on their reports as soon as possible. The Annual Report Web site will go live on Monday, January 9.

One 3-Letter Word Could Make all the Difference for 2017 Effectiveness

"Welcome to 2017! Now get back to work!"

Such was the self-talk that I engaged in as I looked for the top of my desk upon returning to the office yesterday, after a two-week break. I say "looked for" because it was covered in mail, a package (thankfully not ticking), and a number of messages for immediate response upon my return!

It almost makes one feel some guilt for taking the time away. (But not really, it is a God-ordained law that we schedule rhythms of work and rest into our lives). The truth is that the Kingdom of God continued to function and even prosper during my time away. Matters that seemed urgent during my absence self-corrected for the most part or at least are calmly awaiting a more measured and timely response.

One of the things I enjoy during my times away is to read more widely articles and books that get pushed out of reach during the press of normal duties. One reading was a blog on personal finance that was headed by a simple three letter word. The author suggested that we could multiply exponentially the return on investment (ROI) of our money, time and work commitments if we simply said the word out loud. The idea was that this little English word has the power to cause us to reflect, interact with our colleagues, become more self-aware and strategically intentional in our activities and commitments.

More importantly, uttering the word unleashes the potential for avoiding life-sapping busyness or engaging in fruitless behavior. It occurred to me that this little word is often uttered by preschoolers who may be engaging in resistance to parental authority when they use it. Perhaps that association is the reason we are reluctant to use it in adulthood.

The word. . . (Have you already guessed it?) is "WHY?" It is a succinct, powerful question in three letters that may help us to order our days, commitments and activities in this new year. No doubt 2017 will be a similar experience to the pattern of 2016 in that "everyone has a wonderful plan for your life!" Invoking the three letter word and then prayerfully discerning God's answer for you, will likely result in clearer thinking, more fruitful use of your time and energy, and a less cluttered calendar, mind, and heart.

It is my privilege to serve alongside you in this new year!

Be Strong and Courageous!


Have you scheduled a missionary for your Missions Emphasis Weekend yet?

Spots are filling up and we have some missionaries only available to our district for a couple of weekends (February is one of those months). If you haven't scheduled, please do so ASAP!

With our new scheduling system it will only take a few moments of your time!

Are you or is your church taking a short-term mission trip this coming year?

Many churches in our District would have members who would like to be a part of a short-term trip but do not have enough people for a full team. If you are willing to include them with your trip or publicize your trip for prayer please email the District Mission Mobilizer at kgerow@sadcma.org.

Have you identified a Church Mission Mobilizer?

If you haven't or have not communicated that with our District Mission Mobilizer, please do at kgerow@sadcma.org (we also have an example job description to help!)

Peacemaker Ministries

There will a peacemaking seminar at Westside Chapel in Greensboro on February 17-18. The seminar will start at 7:00 pm on Friday and conclude at 3:00 on Saturday. The cost will be $10.00, with lunch provided on Saturday. Pastors and lay leaders are encouraged to attend.

Since some church conflict is inevitable, pastors and lay leaders are encouraged to attend.

The GC Women retreating is coming at the end of March. All information is going out digitally. Please click the graphic below to find information and all of the downloads for advertising the event.

With my deepest thanks, Janice Kropp, GCW director

Winter Blast.

Your students are free to register for Winter Blast. They can register here. You can download a schedule and get more information here.


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