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The sparkling jewel of the Adriatic offers a unique combination of attractions. Discover its breathtaking natural beauty, an extraordinary island-speckled coastline, unspoiled beaches, preserved walled towns, and several UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Tantalizingly close to the U.S. but frozen in a bygone era, Cuba’s cobblestone streets, once-elegant façades and deep-rooted culture have developed with little Western influence. But this enigmatic island and its inviting people are beginning to open — slowly. This is a special moment in history to explore a place that has remained isolated for decades. Explore the true essence of Cuba as you delve into the daily lives of naturalists, entrepreneurs and artists while seeing this nation through the eyes of its people.


Chile's narrow north-to-south terrain covers a vast array of astonishing and dramatic landscapes. From the desert moonscapes of the Atacama to the windswept plains of Patagonia, the country criss-crosses mighty glaciers, urban cities, and lakes brimming with rosy flamingos. Add in spectacular wine regions, the picturesque port of Valparaiso, and iconic Easter Island, and Chile beckons you to endless possibilities.


An Egypt vacation immerses travelers in more than 7,000 years of history – ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, Islamic dynasties to modern metropolises. With vast and beautiful deserts, fresh oases, simple villages, chaotic metropolises, tranquil Red Sea resorts, the palm-lined Nile and awe-inspiring, sand-swathed monuments, there’s a place for all personalities of traveler.


Discover Finland, a hidden gem tucked away in Northern Europe. An ideal destination year-round, this magical place really stands out around the summer solstice, when you can witness how the Midnight sun never sets. Explore Helsinki; the vibrant seaside city offering an eclectic mix of architecture and culture. Experience Finland's pristine nature and thrilling wilderness at its best in the Ruka-Kuusamo area with hiking in Oulanka National Park or Bear Watching. Take a cruise on a traditional riverboat on your way to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi.


A mesmerizing diversity wows in the countryside villages and thrilling cityscapes of France. From the timeless landmarks of Paris to the historical importance of Normandy, from the beauty of the French Riviera to the bountiful vineyards sprinkled throughout the country, France has all the ingredients for the trip of a lifetime.


Germany is a beautiful bouquet of contrasts, both in its bustling cities and out in its peaceful countryside. From the sky-high mountains of the Alps to the hilltop castles perched over river valleys, from the modern, edgy cities of the north to the traditional Bavarian architecture of the south, Deutschland is a varied masterpiece.


A paradise of romantic natural beauty, the quintessential Grecian vacation conjures up images of white-sand beaches and sparkling seas, and tempts the palate for the indulgent, yet health-minded local diet, based on olive oils, produce, fish, nuts and, of course, fantastic wines. From ancient ruins and creative cuisine on the mainland to unparalleled sunsets and unique architecture on islands begging to be hopped, this truly is an extraordinary destination that must be seen to be believed.


There is no better destinaiton for explorung dynamic landscapes and creating lasting memories. Iceland's geography is mostly plateau interspersed with mountain peaks, ice fields, and a coast deeply indented by bays and fjords.


Explore India's greatest treasures like the stunning Taj Maha at sunrise or sunset; setting out on a private safari in Panna National Park which is home to the elusive graceful Bengal tigers; cruising on Lake Pcihola in scenic Udaipur at sunset; witnessing holy priests performing an Aarti ceremony on the banks of the Ganges River; all while staying in romantic lake palaces and iconic royal residences throughout your journey.


A diverse and intriguing land is an undeniable magnet for lovers of art, history, food, and wine. In the south, find sun-kissed beaches and miles of olive grow. The central regions boast rich farmlands with ancient villages and some of the most famous wines in the world. Each of Italy's 20 regions has its own allure. From Piedmont to Sicily, discover the cultures and cuisines of this beautiful boot.


Israel is a land of three faiths, whose ancient sites now stand on bustling city streets. It’s a stunning country that beckons curious travelers with the mystique of the Holy Land and its Roman-era synagogues, impressive mosques and Biblical sites, historical Jerusalem and the modern sophistications of Tel Aviv. Decades of painstaking archaeological work have unearthed legions of relics from yesteryear. From the Western Wall to the Tomb of King David – you can explore where the very air hums with history and intrigue.


Witness a unique civilization that thrives in intrinsic contrasts of ancient and modern. Savor culinary delights, cultural curiosities. From the excitement and endless exploration on offer in electric Tokyo to majestic views of Mt. Fuji found in picture-perfect Hakone National Park, Japan offers a wide variety of activities and experiences.


From the second your plane lands, Morocco immerses you in a culture very different than our own. It introduces you to a history most of us barely know, all in the context of comfort and – for those who seek it – unabashed luxury and indulgence. Romantics, foodies, adventurers, the intellectually curious, and those looking to expand their horizons, all find themselves walking the ancient, winding roadways of Fes and climbing the great Saharan dunes just before sunrise. They hike in the Atlas, luxuriate in marble hammams, and eat like sultans in 18th century palaces.


The Portuguese reveal their greatest secrets only to those who take the time to discover them. And those who do take the time, many of whom don’t know what to expect beforehand, are intrigued by Portugal’s beauty, astonished by its diversity, and enamored with its hospitality. Step back in time at the historical sights, tasty cuisine and great wines of Portugal. Experience a traditional Fado show in Lisbon, visit the town of Coimbra, the medieval capital of the country, the wineries of the Douro Valley and Porto where you end your trip.


Once the epicenter of the Inca Empire, modern Peru is the ultimate cultural destination. Experience living history along a timeline stretching back 5,000 years and today evidenced by dusty ruins, biological footprints, and etched petroglyphs. Peru’s manmade marvels and natural wonders take you from the great museums of Lima to the vibrant rivers of the Amazon, and from busy indigenous markets to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.


Many believe that this perfect stop-over has its head in the future and its heart in the past. With one of the busiest ports in the world, the cultural influx of its many visitors over the past centuries create an international flavor that can be savored in its cuisine and its architecture. Ultra-modern, historic, and British colonial all reside in an unusual harmony that gives a perfect backdrop to one of the most mesmerizing cities in Asia.


As a past conqueror of the New World, Spain’s heritage reflects its status and the immeasurable wealth that has been brought to its shores. It also embodies the spirits of the poets, painters and romantics who have always been drawn to Spain. But perhaps strongest of all, is the deep imprint of 700 years of Moorish rule. Even today, Spain embodies the legacy of Jewish-Muslim-Christian coexistence during a period when the rest of Europe was in the Dark Ages and the intellects of Spain were a beacon to the rest of Europe.


The history, cultures, and astounding beauty of this progressive multi-lingual country never fails to impress all types of travelers. From the crystal clear lakes to magnificent mountains, from cosmopolitan cities to charming medieval towns, all will fall in love with this majestic nation. Majestic Switzerland awaits on this robust itinerary that highlights the country's greatest cities, mountaintops, and scenic trains.


Travelers continue to be drawn to Turkey’s shores for the same reasons they have been for centuries – culture, history, landscape, gastronomy, and the genuine warmth and openness of its people. Turkey is incredibly rich and multi-faceted, and the opposing pulls of Europe and Asia, of secularism and religion, modernity and tradition, are part of what make Turkey such an enthralling place for the sophisticated 21st-century traveler.


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