Final Project English 150-045

Our group is revising each other papers to get more clarification and make sure that we have the proper grammars structures.

This mainly representing our workshop on deconstruction and mainly trying to find out the key components to an advertisement

We work on free writes to improved our writing skills and it mainly help us to get over the thinking process and just to write

Getting extra and using our time wisely is a big a key so that's why we got a study room to improve and get a multiples of things done.

As you can see we are revising our unit 4 papers and getting some feedback on some different ways we can add and make our paper better

Working on journals can help us communicate with our professor and give our input on the way we learn or are learning

When we do our reflection on the unit essays it is a key component to let our professor know how we think we did on the essay and what we think we could've have improved on it

McGraw-Hill Connect is to help us to improve our grammar skills and get to know the concept of how everything works a little better

Helping each other out on an another unit paper. We did a little workshop to see different ways on how to cite a paper and to make sure our citing was correct

Groups were working on an assignment on advertisement and did a little bit of deconstruction on the ad

Different groups were helping each other out to get a better understanding on how the English skills work

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