Mrs. Grassbaugh

Mrs. Grassbaugh is a fourth grade Language Arts teacher at Piqua Central Intermediate School. In Mrs. Grassbaugh's position as a fourth grade teacher, she has major tasks that she focuses on to become the teacher she is. Her major tasks for her position include planning for her students, preparing materials, giving good instructions when teaching, grading, assessing, managing discipline, and most importantly, building rapport with her students.

Language Arts

Mrs. Grassbaugh teaches the lowest classes of the fourth grade classes so with that said, she relies on other teachers for help. Two other teachers, Mrs. Brandt (who is a title teacher) and Mrs. Mitchum (who is an intervention specialist), are both in her classroom some periods throughout the day. She also relies on the 2 other fourth grade language teachers, her TEAM (which is made up between 4 teachers- a language arts teacher, a math teacher, a science teacher, and a social studies teacher). To make herself better, she gets tips from the 5th and 6th grade language arts teachers. For her students, she relies on their counselor, speech therapist and behavior interventionist.


To teach her class the right way, Mrs. Grassbaugh has to follow the Ohio Common Core State Standards. For some of her students who are on IEP's, she attended the IEP meetings that her school holds. For Mrs. Grassbaugh to feel successful in her position, she goes into her school every day with confidence.

Education-related Politics

For Mrs. Grassbaugh's position, she believes that having certain interpersonal skills makes her stronger. Having patience with the students is the key according to Mrs. Grassbaugh. If you try and understand the students and actually know the content of the area you are teaching then you are set to go. Also, to be a teacher, you have to have the desire to come in everyday with a positive attitude and are willing to teach the students something new each day.

Personal Qualities & Interpersonal Skills

Before entering the education field, Mrs. Grassbaugh with she knew about is the behavior of students. She did not realize nor was prepared to deal with the behavior of some students. Classroom management was one thing she had to warm up to a perfect quickly. She also wish she knew about the expectations of being a teacher and all of the meetings at schools.

What did Mrs. Grassbaugh wish she knew before entering the education field?

To get in Mrs. Grassbaugh's position as a fourth grade teacher, you have to go to college and get a degree. In her time, which was 10 years ago, you had to take the PRAXIS test for 2 subjects. You also have to mentor your first year of teaching. Then you have state observations and then you need your professional license.

How does one become licensed for your position?

Mrs. Grassbaugh's greatest satisfaction as a teacher is when her students finally get the material given to them. When her students show growth it gives her satisfaction. She loves when the kids come to her to talk to, like she is apart of their life. The benefits of being a teacher and being connected with her students are wonderful.

Greatest Satisfaction

If Mrs. Grassbaugh could change something about her job now, she would not use common core. She loved the OAC standards. Mrs. Grassbaugh feels like cramming so much into one period and the school year, takes the joy out of school.

What would you change about your job if you could?
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