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Research Projects in Sport Science

Consider the following questions: Why do people take part in sport? Why do some people not take part in exercise? How does a talented athlete become an elite athlete?

These are just some of the questions that have been asked and answered through sport or exercise science based research. The sport and exercise scientist can apply research techniques to systematically solve problems through the development of research hypotheses.

The research work of sport and exercise scientists involves planning, data collection, data analysis, communicating research findings with others and using key aspects of reflective practice to evaluate the research undertaken.

Research Project Proposal

Your task is to create a proposal using Adobe Spark of a possible project you will undertake in your second year of study.

Use the knowledge you have gained from Research Methods to create a proposal within an area of study that interests you in Sport Science.

Futher advice and links on this web page will help you create your proposal

Task Guidance and Ideas

1. Research Your Interest

Your first part of the task requires you to research within the area that interests you and provide a short summary of that research and the current findings. This is known as a literature review.

Use the available literature on Learnzone to help with your ideas for your project. Alternatively, here are a list of possible ideas your could research in:

  • Ergogenic aid (e.g. Lucozade) vs Placebo
  • Subliminal Messaging and its impact on performance
  • The impact that different colours may have on performance
  • The percentage of Body Fat and its impact on performance e.g. Power, aerobic performance, anaerobic performance
  • The performance impact of Music Vs Silence Vs Cheering
  • Impact of hypotonic drinks on performance
  • The recovery time for specific sports
  • The reasons for Female drop out in sport
  • The psychological impact of colour on performance
  • Barriers to sport participation
  • Why do athletes take drugs?

Remember, these are ideas, you have to research your idea to find possible studies conducted within the area you have chosen.

The following websites may help you!

2. Your Proposal

Now you have reviewed your research within the area that interests you, continue to produce a micro proposal of how you would conduct the testing for your project

Consider the following questions:

  1. What is your hypothesis?
  2. What research design would you use?
  3. How many participants would you need?
  4. What sample of participants would you want? (e.g. Football players, gymnasts, Rugby players, Weightlifters etc...)
  5. Would you want male or female?
  6. How would you collect the data (Lab based, field based, observation or focus group)?
  7. What equipment might you need?
  8. What data analysis would you use? (e.g. T-Test, Pearson Product Moment Correlation or a Qualitative analysis)
  9. Would there be any ethical implications to your project?

3. Submission

Once you have created your page, upload the link using the submission tab on Learnzone.

Remember to be creative when producing your Spark page!

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