Fundamentals of Art By: Daniel Rutkowski

Thematic Mural

Problem to Solve: Collaborate to design a painted mural on the windows above the library. Your design will be based on the FSD annual theme and will positively influence the FSD community.

Little Change Rebuilds

The name of our mural is Little Change Rebuilds. The mural is communicating that one person can start a change and people will join in and help. The Batman symbol is the one person starting the change helping fix the city and the little yellow people helped and joined in. Our favorite part of making the mural was the teamwork in making the message work. Our mural also shows that if you start a change in a small space, then it will spread.

By: Jesse Verner, Trey Chase, Michael Kanarskiy, Daniel Rutkowski, and Ethan Corbin

With the immense size, this mural would take lots of time. With proper time management and quick work we were able to finish this mural while learning things on the way. Before we even started painting we learned something, how to plan for an art assignment. We learned how to blend paint to make colors as well as blend pain to make a gradient. We learned how to make neat paint strokes. And most importantly, we learned how to work as a team.

Drawing unit

Base line Drawing

Problem to Sove: Create a reproduction of your chosen image (flower, tiger, or eye) by using graphite pencils on paper.

In this assignment I learned what my strating capabilities in drawing was. I learned my what my current stratagy was to draw aslwell.

Draw a Person

Problem to Sove: Draw a person and self assess what drawing level is evident.

In this assignment I learned that I was still in the schematic stage of drawing.

Monster Vase/Face

Problem to Solve: Practice the drawing strategy of switching to right brain dominance while accurately drawing the reflection of the face.

I learned in this assignment that determining the negative space in different locations can change the way you view a picture.

Upside Down Drawing

Problem to Sove: Allow your right brain thinking strategies to dominate while you accurately draw your chosen image upside down.

In this assignment I learned that you dont have to draw the way you want it to look, sometimes getting a different angle and change the way you draw and look at the shapes that make up a picture not the whole picture.

Bland Contour and Contour Drawing of Hand

Blind Contour Problem to Solve: Without looking at your paper, record all of the edges of your hand. Your goal is line specificity.

In this assignment I learned that without looking our drawing would have no structure and look like nonsense.

Contour Problem to Solve: Use the grid lines on the plexiglass view finer to help you replicate your contour line drawing of your hand. You are aiming for accurate proportions and line specificity.

In this assignment I learned that contour lines are the base to most drawings, without them the drawings will be nothing.

Contour Line Drawings of Objects From Observation

Problem to Solve: Increase your accuracy of proportion, foreshortening, overlapping, congruity, and specificity by practicing drawing contours of a minimum of 5 objects.

In this activity I learned how to foreshorten better then privius drawings overlap propperly and have great line specificity while drawing.

Blotted Contour Line Drawing

Problem to Solve: Transform your most interesting and best contour line drawing into a blotted contour line drawing inspired by Andy Warhol's graphic design work.

In this assignment I learned how to quickly replicate ink blottings and still make them look good. I also learned how to use a nib properly.

Negative Space of a new Ram

Problem to Solve: Train your brain to observe and record the shapes and angles of the negative space with the intention it will increase the accuracy of the positive space.

In this drawing I learned how important it is to look at the negative space of a drawing. To do this i would look at all the shapes the negative space is made of.

Tracing of Skeleton on Ipad

Problem to Solve: Select a section of the skeleton that is just above your comfort challenge level and utilize the rule of thirds and touchs 3 sides of your paper to create a dynamic composition.

In this project I learned how to use the rule of thirds. This also further implanted the importance of contour line drawing when making an art piece.

Skeleton Drawing With Sharpie

Problem to Solve: Apply your knowledge of right brain dominance, contour line techniques, negative space, and rule of thirds in order to draw a strong composition of the skeleton in proportion.

In this assignment I learned how to properly make a final image using negative space. I also learned how to utilize sharpies to make a drawing look good.


Sketch Book

Ipad Insert

Problem to Solve: Use the template paper provided to design an original "your name" artwork to be displayed in your ipad case.

In this assignment I further learned that being a freshman is not a good thing. I also learned i should share my creativity with everyone.

Transforming a Selfie

Problem to Solve: Explore the Procreate app by transforming your selfie into a unique and visually interesting image.

In this assignment I learned how to use Procreate to its fullest potential. I also learned that i can draw better on an ipad.

Emphasis and Visual Movement

Problem to Solve: Design and create an image that uses visual movement to guide viewer’s attention to your emphasis of a chosen image.

In this lesson I learned how visual movement can really make a piece of art appealing.

Scale and Proportion

Problem to solve: Create a conceptually meaningful composition by using Procreate to transform the SCALE of chosen object(s). The change in SCALE needs to change the meaning or story of the image.

In this assignment I learned how important scale and proportion is for emphasis in a drawing.

All Things That Flower

Problem to Solve: Design a unique and creative composition relating to the theme, "All Things that Flower". Your artwork will be submitted into an art competition at the Tom Ridge Center.

In this sketch book assignment I furthered my understanding of the Procreate app.

The "O" Design

Problem to Solve: Invest an hour of “invest”igation into what you can transform this “O” design into while creating CONTRAST and BALANCE in your composition. I want to see how far you can push the design while maintaining the existence of the “O” form. What can you come up with? Surprise us all.

In this assignment I learned how to make a shape into something that looks good.

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