Holden's Playlist By: Isabella Digrigoli period 2

Green Day American Idiot: In this song the singer talks about not wanting to be an American Idiot. He classifies most everyone normal who go with the flow as idiots. The people who believe everything that they're told and don't think for themselves. In the story Holden expressed a very similar attitude towards the people around him. Instead of calling people idiots he calls them phonies.

Maroon 5 She Will be Loved: In the song he talks about how his girl will be loved. This song relates to The Catcher in the Rye, because the singer in the band talks about how he loves his girlfriend like Holden talks about how he feels for Jane.

Chris Brown Be Without You: This song relates to The Catcher in The Rye, because in the song the singer is talking about how he needs her. In the book, Holden was sad and was missing his brother, Allie. When he was writing the composition it reminded him of the times they spent together and how life would be without him.

Gym Class Heroes Get Yourself Back Home: In the song, the author says how "I don't know where you're going or when you're coming home I left the keys under the mat to our front door." This relates to Holden, because when he visits Phoebe at night and she wants Holden to stay longer and come home soon.

Linkin Park In the End: This song relates to Holden, because his ideal job would be to keep the children in the rye field where they can run around and enjoy life. However, no matter how hard he tries he can never hold all of the children in the field and some fall off of a cliff. As the song says, time goes out the window and the children, metaphorically, must grow up and life will become harder. In the end,his efforts don't matter. Their future and destiny is inevitable.

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