A Journey

Welcome back...so to speak.

I can honestly say that this is a year that none of us saw coming. And yet, here we are, for better or worse. Students and faculty are split between face-to-face and virtual schooling. It’s easy to see that the school climate has changed, particularly with half the student body missing from classrooms and the halls. In town, it’s common to see fellow citizens wearing facemasks and keeping their distance from others or to visit a business that is not fully operational.

Life as we’re used to it has changed.

Added to that change is the fact that our new lives are filled with a cacophony of opposing views and voices. Shouts of one force are confronted by an equally vocal counterforce, whether it’s social issues, politics, or Covid-19 and best practices.

But above all this is a clarion call for truth, a directive that through the ever increasing chaos a revelation of fact and order is revealed for all of us to become an informed citizenry.

This search for truth for many of us is a journey of trial and error, researching and reading and listening in order to shuffle through differing viewpoints to reach an understanding that feels right and absolute. Unfortunately, that journey may shake our very values and all that we firmly believe we know without doubt. But that’s what the attainment of knowledge is meant to bring--a change in thinking.

As with any journey, a guide is necessary. For you, that guide is personified by Mr. Farrell, who will spend this year helping you become a more inquisitive and informed populace. He possesses an unbelievable work ethic and a passion to see students grow in learning and comprehension. He seeks out and supports the positive in everyone and truly desires to see a better future for Statesboro High School and the faculty and students of the building.

You are in very good hands.

---An SHS Teacher


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