For my Multimedia Production class, MCOM 2400, we were assigned to create and maintain a blog throughout the semester. I decided to use the blog assignment as an opportunity to be a little more adventurous and try different kinds of coffee. Thus, The Mugg Life was born.

My next MCOM 2400 project was to create a podcast. I decided to connect my podcast to my blog and make it about coffee. In my podcast, I walked my audience through the process of how to manually brew coffee using the pour over method.

The next assignment for my MCOM 2400 class was a photography story. I was put in a group with Gabe, Spence and myself. We decided to go to downtown Johnson City and photograph the Community Supported Agriculture fair, or CSA. We then edited our photos and compiled them into a video that told the story of the fair.

My final MCOM 2400 project was to create a video series. I was in a group with Hailey, Bailey and Jacquline. My group and I decided that it would be a fun idea to make our video into a comedic drama. The plot of our video is that we are four friends from college reuniting for Hailey's wedding. There are two videos and they are both around 6 minutes long.

I really enjoyed my Multimedia Productions class. Not only did I learn how to make a variety of different media projects, but I also learned how to use many of the Adobe programs. This class has allowed me to realize that creative writing is a strength. Coming up with puns, titles and even just body writing is relatively easy and fun for me to do. This class not only showed me one of my strengths, but it also showed me one of my weaknesses. I have realized that I am not the best when it comes to the visual section of these media projects. I often found that my visual components were stressful to make, hard to generate ideas and also very basic in the end. I hope that when continuing in my major, I can learn to play more to my creative writing strength, to help cover for my visual weakness. I also hope that I can continue to have as much fun releasing my creative side, as I was able to do in this class.


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