For the Defense of Donna Osborn John, April, Matthew, Pakeeza

Donna Osborn

Donna Osborn met Clinton Osborn in college where she was at the time attempting her master's degree in education and eventually got married. Donna left her college degree behind and became a stay at home mom after she had gotten pregnant with her son, Chip. At this point Clinton began showing signs of aggression and had become more possessive of her. Clinton, an aggressive perfectionist, would at times get riled up due to situations not going his way; He would then take out this frustration on Donna, which is evident in her constant injuries. These cases involve times such as: when she would be manhandled and shoved down stairs by him while she was still pregnant with their son thus putting the child at risk. Events like these would continue even after the birth of their son. Simple and common mistakes that could be created by anyone, like forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning, would cause this perfectionist of a husband to verbally and physically harass Ms.Osborn for what Mr. Clinton thought was her incapability of being a perfect human being. At one point in their relationship Clinton had found an old postcard from a past boyfriend of Donna's, and once again Clinton's possessive personality knew no bounds and eventually led to him fiercely confront Donna in their yard while she was playing with their son. He hollered and threw degrading names at her for being a brain-dead cheat and an insignificant woman all while their son was right in front of him. Clinton proceeded to nab a nearby baseball and hurled it at Ms.Osborn's head all in the presence of their child. Clinton would later abuse Ms.Osborn with sports equipment such as golf clubs. This behavior was then taken in by their young son Chip, and Chip soon developed the same characteristics. Chip began mimicking his father and beat his stuffed teddy bears with tennis rackets, which are also sporting equipment's similarly to what his father used to abuse his mother. While beating his stuffed animals, Chip called out vulgar language such as whore and bitch. With such abusive behavior witnessed by Chip from his very own father he began to practice these actions even with his grandmother around. Ms. Osborn soon realized and even hid the fact from her mother-in law in fear of Ms. Clare Osborn's constant judgements. As any mother would protect her precious only son Ms. Osborn took the pain and suffering herself for her son to have both parents and a roof over his head however once she noticed how her husband's horrendous actions began effecting her son she soon realized she needed to take the steps towards freedom slowly by once again pursuing her career.

Kim Lenore

According to Kim Lenore, who holds a B.A in Psychology and is one of the first experts regarding the psychological studies concerning Battered Women, Ms. Donna Osborn was an abused spouse. Ms.Lenore personally examined and observed Ms.Osborn for 45 minutes on three occasions and concluded that the psychological distress experienced from other battered spouses were all present in Ms. Osborn and are as followed: denial, guilt, enlightenment, and responsibility. Ms.Osborn in the early stages of her marriage wanted to deny the fact that her husband was forcing dominance upon her over trivial matters, once these aggressive traits began exploiting themselves she believed in his constant criticism and tried to do things to the liking of Clinton in order to dodge the verbal abuse, after years of physical abuse as well as the characteristics of her child mimicking the style of his father she began to realize the effect Clinton was having on her and her son thus she tried her best to achieve and maintain her career as an educator, lastly Clinton's multiple accusations and death threats towards Osborn gave her the necessary motivation to finally take responsibility in any way she saw fit. Running away was not an option according to Kim Lenore, these claims can be backed up by the idea that Clinton had completely isolated her and Ms.Osborn's only friend happened to be Mr.Matthew's, a male companion who Clinton knew and disapproved of. Lynn Johnson, who also holds a B.A and M.A in Psychology, on the other hand holds true to believe that Ms.Osborn was not an abused spouse. How so? Johnson has not once had a one on one observation or examination, like Ms.Lenore, of Ms.Osborn to statistically conclude that this is in fact the truth. According to Johnson, Lenore has a bias against men thus leaving Johnson to believe that Lenore couldn't be credible and would automatically believe that Clinton was to blame but to Johnson's own knowledge Ms.Lenore stated herself that abusive behavior within marriages are "usually but not always [the] husbands" contradicting the claims by Johnson that Lenore is biased to destroy men in cases similar to that of Ms.Osborn.

Lee Harris

Ms.Osborn contacted the Operations for Battered Woman directed by Lee Harris on multiple occasions to discuss the abuse that was occurring to her in her household. Harris holds records of the dates that Donna Osborn called which match up to the dates Ms.Osborn was abused. On March 7th OBW confirmed that Ms.Donna called to report that she had been pushed down the stairs in an argument with her husband, Mr.Clinton. Ms.Donna is also backed up on this claim by Leslie Crown on the side of prosecution when Ms.Crown testified that Osborn came into her office for a compound fracture on the day of March 5th. According to Harris's records it is also stated that on November 23, 1990 she called to report that on November 19th her husband hit her with a golf club resulting in broken ribs. This is once again backed up by Crown as she was the doctor to set Osborn's ribs back into place on November 20th the day after the incident. Osborn also claimed to have gone the doctor for her broken ribs the day after the incident occurred. Crown is to have believed that Osborn acquired this wound after dropping the Thanksgiving turkey when Thanksgiving wasn't to be for another 3 days. Lastly, on February 8th Donna Osborn called OBW to report yet another abuse claim that resulted in 12 stitches on her head and even expressed to the hotline that she was in fear of her life. Crown again can confirm this claim because she was the very doctor to suture the cuts on Ms.Osborn's head. As a doctor it is impeccable that they are always on their toes and are keen to every detail, yet Ms.Crown has failed to see the wounds and lies for what they are and has allowed a bias judgement in both the court room and her office as she has chosen to believe her friend, Clinton, over what she can clearly see on a patient and her knowledge on dates and holidays. After answering the phone call with Osborn on February the 8th Lee proceeded to assist in finding a temporary home for her and her young child Chip, however there were no rooms available and Lee confided with her to receive help from a family member or friend. However, Osborn is heavily isolated and has no family to confide in except Clinton's mother Clare Osborn who has personally admitted to the jury that she has shown the defendant just how much she belittles and degrades her as a daughter-in law therefore leaving Ms.Donna no choice but to continue to live with Clinton in such dangerous situations. Living in the same house hold as Mr.Clinton, Ms.Donna had to tread her waters carefully as her husband could become aggressive at any moment. On February 14th, Valentine's Day, Donna Osborn was threatened by her husband and therefore to protect herself and her only son Chip armed herself thus leading to the murder of Clinton Osborn.


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