Native American Project by Carlos cruz-martinez

I am a Native American from the tribe Cherokee. We are really concerned about what the whites are doing to our land. They keep breaking promises that they have made to us. They want us to become Americans too by trying to make our people go against our believes and start changing to be citizens. They keep moving into our land and breaking promises that they said they wouldn’t do. They cant keep there promises.

They keep breaking promises that they make to us. They are saying that this is our land and that they try to preserve it. But they keep taking it away from us, moving us from our land and they keep putting more people on our land. The settlers keep moving us to make houses for the new settlers. They keep breaking there promises and keep pushing us farther and farther from our land. They try to turn us into one of them with their religion and making us citizens of there country.

The solutions that they tried to give us citizenship but they wanted us to give up our believes and cut our hair and become just like them. We didn't want to do that. They also tried to “save our land” and keep our reservation safe but they just kept pushing us back and taking the land and having the settlers move into our land. They made promises that they kept saying that they would do.

One solution for settlers moving west and into native land is that they could move out of the native land and keep the settlers in the states. They should move back into the states and leave the native Americans be in their own land. A solution for the native American becoming citizenships is that they should automatically be given citizenship sense they already been living in the united states. They were living in the united states before the settlers even got there they have the right to have citizenship. The us should give back all the land that they said they would protect back to the native Americans. They should keep their promises that they made to them and let them keep their land. If they want their land then they could give them something for the land instead of just taking it.

Created By
Carlos Cruz


Created with images by Boston Public Library - "Poor Dog, Sioux" • TeroVesalainen - "question mark why problem" • BLMOregon - "Grazing near Alvord Desert" • JeepersMedia - "UHaul"

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