BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Emmagrace 2 Period

There once was a beautiful princess who was the girlfriend of a prince whom was madly in love

His name was Gaston.

The princess, however, was not in love with Gaston, she was in love with a beast

What everyone did not know, is that the beast was once a prince who got cursed at the age of 11

Belle loved Beast for the way he was a gentlemen, she did not care about his ugliness

The jealous prince wounds the beast, hoping it would lead to his death

before the last rose petal fell, which would end the beast's life, belle tells the beast that she loves him

After saying she loves him, the beast heals and Gaston falls off the castle to his death

as the beast healed, he turned back into a prince and lived happily ever after with belle

"To thine own self be true"

Created By
Emma Edgington

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