Eighteen a scripted digital series that challenges Trump's vision for American greatness

“Eighteen” is a scripted series that tells the story of Nando, a young man getting out of juvenile detention days after his 18th birthday.

Not only does he face the typical challenge of reentry: returning to an impoverished, gang-ridden neighborhood with little opportunity...

...he also must return to an urban Latino community thrown into turmoil because of Trump's draconian immigration policies.

Inspired by a mentor he meets in juvie, Nando is determined to use whatever camera he can find to hit the streets and document what he sees going on around him.

The External Story Engine emerges as he films ICE raids, the effects of deportation, and mounting civil unrest. When his videos start getting crazy views, his work gets attention he adopts this burgeoning role as a media personality.
But this attention sets in motion the Internal Story Engine as his new passion threatens to affect the members of his own family, already in turmoil because of their immigration status. Nando must figure out how to balance his activism with his need to be a better son and brother.
Set in 2018, "Eighteen" is more than a dystopian parable. It is also a transmedia project that will launch a new paradigm of impact storytelling.

In the vein of shows like "The West Wing" we aim to track current events and write episodes that explore issues as they arise.

Trump is wasting no time, but can impact storytellers move as quickly? As a producer of documentary films, it pains me to say: the feature documentary isn't our best option to quickly engage and mobilize audiences. So we've invented a new model, drawing from the strategies and practices of commerce-driven digital producers.

Entertain • Connect • Engage

Digital platforms and content technologies empower social activists to marry a great story, a pressing issue, and the masses who want to be a part of positive change.

Employing strategies that commerce-motivated entities mastered well before social activists, we will deepen our engagement with audiences that are drawn to Eighteen because of it's entertainment value and subject matter.

Our stories will inspire (and sometimes enrage) people by demonstrating the human impact of hardline immigration rhetoric and policies. But we will also show what an empowered activist class can accomplish. Through transmedia elements we will deepen our audience's understanding of the issues and expand their opportunities to make an the impact.

Our prospective impact partners include Human Rights Watch, Define American, and The Creative Visions Foundation, all of whom will work with us to serve our audiences meaningful Calls-To-Action and thus transform "Eighteen" into a digital organizing tool.

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