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Once people start use the ForeverGreen products - it's most likely for life!

And that's a good thing.

  1. understand WHY use the product. And then you will decide to become a user of the product - for Life! Education is A and O.
  2. understand HOW to order the product. You order directly from ForeverGreen.
  3. share and show this page

You don't have to sell a single product - if you don't want to! All you need is proper presentations that creates an interest and an educated decision - then you just give your personal and unique link so people can order directly from ForeverGreen. That's it.

All you do is to direct people to your own ForeverGreen website (webshop). It doesn't cost you anything to have a ForeverGreen webshop and Your webshop is online 24/7 world wide. ForeverGreen delivers on your behalf to 212 countries. So you really do have a world wide business. There is a one time fee of 13€ to register with ForeverGreen and the partnership. And then it's not going to cost you anything but a commitment to our movement: to be naturally healthy. It's also easy to invite people via social media: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp or any instant messaging you can use for a private conversation.

When you follow the link to the webshop you can BUY or JOIN. If you're interested in becoming a spokes person or approach this as professional online entrepreneur then select JOIN and order.

We recommend people try any product for at least a few weeks. At least! They will love how they experience improved Life after that. Life is more positive, lighter, and more LOVEable! in the Flow!!^^<3

It makes us happy to see how happy people become from discovering these products. It's a life improvement worth recommending!

The brave ones are those who take the leap of faith without even "trying" the product. They JOIN right away and make an order - that is how we "try" and the vital step to success in Life.

Set up an autoship for a pack of 50CV. That is what's required from you as an entrepreneur to get paid. You can change your autoship every month in order to try different products or make additional orders.

Your job is to:

  • educate yourself about the products but most importantly.. just use them!
  • show people how they JOIN and order the product - that's really it!

It is easy to introduce the products to people by sharing and using the products with them.

When more and more are happy about the improvements in their life the more you will earn thanks to your initial effort. This is a life changer. Thanks to you thousands of people can eventually find their way to a ForeverGreen Life Style and an improved life. You mighe be the stepping stone for others - there might be people who really need a healthy product to take them out of being sick and tired. Seriously. A lot of people are looking for an extra income, full time income and a retirement plan. You might be the one they have been waiting for!

We may have a great impact in other peoples life. We can really do a lot of good together.

the energy of money

Money is created and made everyday. Money is really just energy. So when people make money from doing good - the money is good energy.

And we always remember that greed and selfishness is the root of all evil. To EXIT the Matrix of evil we need to move out of serving-the-Self-ish-ness into doing what is best for all of us.




invest in your health everyday. Raise your vibrations and wellbeing with ForeverGreen products; around $ 2 € or more a day and you're active for the compensation plan - the income opportunity. You can become an independent online entrepreneur and all you need is a smart phone, tab or laptop with an internet connection.

health & wealth by science

ForeverGreen is the engine to personal wealth - this is a powerful engine to financial health and wellbeing. And so much more..!

People always need a link from the one who invited them to partner with us! Yes, us!! - we are in a win-win-win-win-infinity situation. So everyone has the same value. You are valued and important. Everyone is. We cocreate abundance together.

If you sign up with Kim and want your personal Spark presentation page feel free to contact him.

here's Kim's unique link to JOIN:

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