Master of controlling Jody's overpowering controlled relationship over Janie

1. Jody was giving a speech to the townspeople and when asked if Janie could say a speech, Jody replied to the people with, "Ah never married her for nothin lark dat. She's uh woman and her place is in de home" (pg.43). This showed his overpowerment towards Janie.

2. Jody makes Janie wear a head rag to cover her hair so she wouldn't have to show off to others in the town. The towns people gossip about Janie, "whut make her keep her head tied up lack some ole 'oman round de store? Nobody could git me tug tie no rag on mah head if ah had hair lak dat" (pg. 58). This shows the control that Jody has over Janie.

3. Jody since becoming mayor, has put himself to upper class. Janie notices that her marriage to Jody has become less romantic since becoming mayor, "naw Jody, it jus' looks lak it keeps us in some way we ain't natural wild one' nother. You'se always talk in' and fixin' things , and ah feels lak ah'm jus' Martin' time" (pg. 54-55). Example of Jody's change of character and overpowerment.

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