Samurai project By: Jimmy ARREDONDO period 5

The Rise of a military society

Japan became a military society when the nobles fought among, while the emperor was still in office even though the emperor had no power.

Shogun and the daimyo had a equal position as they were both under the emperor. Some of the samurai structures were "fearsome warriors that had a lot of discipline and tradition honors.

Samurai training and the warrior code

In order for, someone to become a samurai you needed to be honest, fair, fearless, and be able to face death.

They were trained to fight for their lord and dieing a honorable death even if they couldn't protect their family. Their mentally trainings were that they have to have loyalty, bravery, and honor and they also had to show respect to the gods.

Bushido had morals by the Japanese samurai and also was the code of honor.

The samurai lived by "The Way of the Warrior". The samurai was fearless to face death and fair. The seppuku had different definitions. One of them was to atone for a crime or it could also be for a shameful deed. Some samurais would also take their own life if their lord died. Another reason was that the samurai would preserve honor in avoiding capture.

Training in writing literature and tea ceremony

The literature had some singing through out the nation and it also included a few decorations that had artistic flower arrangements and a couple of paintings. The tea ceremony was in a small room sometimes the door was low. The guest had to be quiet while they watched the master make the tea. Once the tea was done they would have sophisticated discussions as they would commenting on how everything was so beautiful.

Spiritual Training

In the Japan there was two Buddhism that were the most popular of them all. The zen buddism was focused on the efford of discipline. Zen buddhists believed that, in order to reach Englishten meant you were require to meditate for hours while you had your legs crossed and sitting straight up and without moving. The samurai learned a lot from zen like learning how to focus the mind, and not to be afraid of death. The other buddism was the Amida. Amida was for the people to believe that the could reach paradise. That paradise was called the "Pure land" ! In order to enter the "Pure land" you had to repeat the name of Amida up to 70,000 times in a day.

Women in samurai society

In the beginning the women's in the samurai society were decline. That was in the 12th century specially if they were the wife of a warrior they were giving respect and honor.

The life in the 12th century for the women was to have your whole priority towards your family and your house. If the husband was to die then the wife could claim all of the husbands properties.

They also had to perform the duties of a vassal. The women was expected to be brave and loyal as the men. But as times, passed to the 17th century the women's position got weaker. By then the men were the lords of their house. The women were not allowed to choose their husbands, their, families would arrange the marriages. Sometimes the women would have to kill her self if her husband were to die.

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