Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #4

The Post-Test Analysis form on Chemistry

notes from my conversation with my chemistry professor

My study and test-taking plan for my next test in this course

Reflecting on my experience

I personally feel like the post analysis form was not helpful for me. I understand that its purpose is to make the student look back at their exam to see what they miss and why. Honestly after I get an exam back and see the correct answer, I know why I miss the question. Going over an exam with the professor is needed if I don't know why the right answer is right. I was worried that my professor would judge me because he is strict teacher but actually he was very nice. I learned more information about tutoring sessions in the Academic Success Center. Also I learn a useful technique to apply to studying would be to form real world examples using terms learned in class. Overall I would not use the post analysis form for my next test but I would meet with my professor at his regular office hours.


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