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Today I was walking the streets of Verona, someone asked for my daughters hand I said no I own h'er. His name is Paris and he's a good suitor, but my daughter Juliet ain't no hooter. I said she ain't ready to be going steady, she don't need nothing heavy unless he drives a Chevy. I asked him to wait 2 more summers and he was like ahhhh what a bummer. He begged and pleaded, he was on his knees. I said marrying her won't be no breeze. He's a family friend so I trust him, ya know, but this marriage happening soon is a no go. My baby needs more time to grow, she needs to take things nice and slow. She is to young to be a bride and I need to keep her by my side. Paris kept insisting and insisting finally I said ok, listen. If Juliet agrees to be your bride then to this marriage I will abide . It's all up to her, she gets to choose, good luck my friend i hope you don't lose.

This is what Paris looked like when I told him no.

Yesterday I decided to throw a big ball, I said come people, come one, come all. I was having great fun, I asked all the girls to dance, even though I knew I didn't stand a chance. They were plenty of people and much fun to be had, I said to myself, how could anything go bad? All of a sudden, Tybalt is irate. I asked him what's wrong he said it's my enemy that I hate. He asked for his sword and was ready to swing. I said Tybalt, why would you do such a thing? He pointed to a Montague in the crowd. He said he doesn't belong here, I must take him down. He had the nerve to show up here, in a Capulet household and he does not fear. I want him dead right here and now, and I'll kill him then take a bow. I asked him why he is so mad Romeo came. He said it's because we don't have the same name. This everlasting feud makes us everlasting enemies. Romeo Montague will never be a friend of me. I said leave him alone, he's not causing problems. Tybalt, you're the one who is trying to cause them. You must respect Romeo in my house tonight. The way you wish to treat him is not right. Keep an eye out for him, if he does something wrong, then you can show him right where he belongs. He wasn't happy with my reply. He said it's a shame and it wasn't a lie. The party ended, we all said goodbye.

Here are some photos from last night's ball.

Today my family got some very bad news, my nephew was murdered and we know just who to accuse. Poor Tybalt was the victim of a hideous crime and I fear that his murderer will not do his time. He was slain by Romeo, a family foe. He warned me about Romeo and I told him no. If I hadn't stopped him maybe his fate wouldn't be so, now we will never know. After Tybalt's death Romeo fled the scene. He wants to keep his hands clean. I stood up for Romeo and he killed my nephew, what did I do? Benvolio stayed at the scene to explain what happened. He swears the truth, but has no one to back him. The Prince asks for an explanation. Benvolio looks like he is in deep concentration. He says it was a fatal brawl, that between 2 people was the end of it all. He explains that Tybalt committed the first crime. These poor children were all in their prime. Tybalt had started this big fight, now for him and Mercutio it will forever be night. The Prince says it's an eye for an eye. So it's ok that they both must die? Tybalt's murderer is still out and free. And that my friend, just can't be. Eventually The Prince decides to banish Romeo. This is all he will do about it though. Tybalt's murderer will never get the same fate as him, but the chances of him coming back to Verona are slim. I suppose it's that that I must live with, knowing some of this story might be a myth.

Previously I had thought I had the perfect daughter. She was the most kind and obedient child. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I respected and appreciated her so much I gave her lot's of leeway and free reign. I even told her I would let her choose her own husband. Today for the first time every, Juliet disobeyed me. I told her she was to marry Paris. He is the perfect suitor for her and a great man. She straight out told me no. I don't know who she thinks she is. For 14 years, I treated her like royalty, always kept her fed and clothed. She decides to repay me like this. I am so extremely infuriated. Juliet does not have the authority to tell me no. I am her father and she must completely obey to absolutely everything I say, and yet she told me no. I didn't exactly know how to handle this because she has never done this before. Out of pure rage and anger, I flipped on her. I told her that if she doesn't marry Paris this Thursday, she is never welcome in this house again. I don't care if she's living on the street, a disobedient child is no child of mine. After all I've done for her, I refuse to be treated like this. If she still won't marry Paris, Juliet will learn very quickly that I will not put p with being treated like this.

This is gonna be Juliet if she continues to disobey me.

This morning the worst tragedy possible struck me and my family. I heard screaming and ran into Juliet's room to find her dead, worst of all on her wedding day. Last night my daughter that I know and love came back. She agreed to marry Paris and I was so ecstatic to hear that. She came back to me, my lovely Juliet. It was a great night ended by an horrific morning. How could something so good be followed by something so evil? Juliet is dead. She is gone forever. She will never get to experience her wedding day. She won't get to experience a lot of things. I hate this day. This horrible, wretched, awful day. My baby is gone and is never to come back. What am I to do? A mourning father who just lost his daughter. I myself, am lost. The Friar did everything he could to help us understand and feel better. It just doesn't help, nothing does. His words made sense, but I was barely listening to them. I couldn't focus. I can't handle this, it's to much for me.

This is how I'm gonna feel for a long time now losing my beautiful Juliet.


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