body cast challenge By Michael Burrell , Nia Ridge,Christina Jones , Graciela Corona

This a ramp so when the car goes down the ramp so the speed of the car increases and the rulers on the side is there to keep the car from falling off of the ramp.
This the marble top is their so it can stop the car from moving when it coming down the ramp.
When the car goes down it hits the first top then the top slides down the second top,
After the top slides down the second top it would hit the dominos and they would fall and then it i would hit the bell and make it the ring,
Our blueprint

Glow and Grow

We could've been more creative with are project in the beginning the car would not go down the ramp without falling off and we kept knocking down the dominoes.

The parts the worked well was when we got towards the end and we had our trial and error the marble top always made the dominoes fall and hit the bell.

Our process

We all helped build it but one group recorded the video and took the picture an another group member drew the blueprint.In the the beginning we were just doing trial and error to see what works and what doesn't. We all worked good together and cooperated with each other.

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