Ildi Porter-Szucs CAS Highlights

She is an Associate Professor of ESL/TESOL in the Department of World Languages, specializing in teacher formation, language assessment, and pedagogy. In the Winter 2020 semester, after having taught a Hy-Flex class (with face-to-face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online students attending the same class) until mid-March, Dr. Porter-Szucs felt that the simplicity of teaching solely online in the second half of the semester was nothing short of liberating. On the other hand she said, "while I can continue to meet my students' intellectual needs in a physically distant, synchronous online world, I do spend 10-15 minutes of every class connecting with students and checking on their wellbeing. I find that there is a much greater need for this connection now than in the pre-COVIDian era.” The Hy-Flex class served as the site of a research study, which focused on understanding the learning outcomes of the three prongs of Hy-Flex. With her research being generously supported by EMU's Brickley and E-Fellows grants, she will be able to analyze the data once the grades from the summer semester are in. When not teaching ESL and TESOL classes, Dr. Porter-Szucs also teaches Polish on Saturdays at the language center that she co-founded and is co-running. Other important projects of hers include the advocacy work that she is involved in as Past-President of the Michigan ESL teachers' association (MITESOL) influencing legislation to improve the lives of ESL students and their teachers in the state of Michigan and her co-authoring of a language assessment textbook with her departmental colleague Cynthia Macknish and K-12 colleague Suzanne Toohey. Thank you Dr. Ildi Porter-Szucs for your amazing work! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS

Research Publications: https://emich.academia.edu/IPorterSzucs

Polish Language Center of Ann Arbor: https://polskaszkola.weebly.com/

Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MITESOL): https://www.mitesol.org/cpages/home

Earn a BA in TESOL at EMU: https://today.emich.edu/story/story/10573

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