William Harrison Dempsey "Jack Dempsey" Alex Estrada

William Harrison Dempsey was born on June 24th, 1895 grew up in a poor family in Manassa, Colorado. His parents converted to Mormonism, Dempsey was baptized on his 8th birthday. Dempsey went to Missionary school but later dropped out for work. William's brother ( Bernie Dempsey ) later in life showed him boxing. Lack of money caused Dempsey to move around.

Dempsey being a skilled fighter at a young age and in need of money usually challenge others for money . His nickname was "Nonpareil " for his tribute in 1914. Dempsey's early fights were in Utah. When America joined in WWI, Dempsey did not join the war and continued to box to others he is seen as a slacker. He spent time in Salt Lake City before continuing his boxing career.

On Independence Day 1919 Dempsey defeated the Champion Jess Willard due to Willard's injuries Dempsey was accused of cheating, Dempsey's manager also accused Dempsey of cheating by "loaded gloves" many more theories about this controversy. Dempsey will continue to defend his title 6 times until he was defeated in September 1926 to Gene Tunney. The Dempsey-Tunney is known as "The long count fight" and was is also known as a big controversy. He later retired in life continuing to fight and Dempsey joined WWII and retired as a Lieutenant commander. He passed away on May 31st, 1983 due to heart failure.

After his loss from his Champion he told his wife "Honey I forgot to duck"



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