Finding the Good life in the harn A photo adventure of me getting lost in the Harn

I find that photographic artwork is most appealing to me. This particular piece by Eija-Liisa Ahtila caught my attention the moment I walked into the gallery. I found it very interesting because the piece displays two worlds, one that of a mother and another as a working woman. This to me is a real depiction of life, because with goals of having a family one day, one must realize what it takes. I find that this piece touched me the most because of the realism of life with family.
I found that this room's architecture was very interesting. The layout of the artwork was made so it was easy for everyone to see each piece. But what stood out the most for me was the lighting of the room. For my personal preference, I do not like room without windows. Windows allow natural light to fill in the dark spaces. The natural light also brought warmth to the room, both temperature and also atmosphere. This sort of warmth allowed me to feel more connected to the nature of the room, which was filled with artwork that were supposed to have spiritual significance.
The Nolli map was magnificent! Not only because I just love maps, it is a beautiful piece that displays structure. Structure is just one of the values that reflect that of my own core values. Structure, I believe, is a very important core value. Without structure, have that be in school, work, your home, etc. brings disorder. Many, however, can function well off of disorder. The emotion that this piece instills into me is the appreciation of the beauty of complex structure. Seeing 18th century Rome portrayed on a canvas is powerful because throughout all of history, Rome has been significant. Having Rome drawn onto a map is like painting history.
The "Funeral" by Stuart Robert Purser caught my eye while I was passing through the oil painting gallery. What was most interesting to me was the perspective of the painter, almost as if he was observing the funeral. Purser was had grown up in Louisiana and had seen his fair share of social and racial injustices. However, in this paining, Purser wishes to display basic human experiences. To me, the "Funeral" represents a time of celebration of life with family and friends. The Good Life theme is living around the ones you love and having your life celebrated by them. It adds an appreciation to that theme because knowing that once my loved ones pass away, it is because it is a natural occurrence of life.
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