Apothecary By: Ruby

Do you know anything about a colonial apothecary?An apothecary is a doctor in colonial times that would cure illnesses and make medicine out of herbs. They would also cure injuries. Colonial apothecaries had a very interesting job.

Some of the tools that apothecary used were herb ground, soaked or wrapped around a cut to prevent infection .Another tool that a apothecary used was a tooth extractor it was used to pull out rotten teeth or teeth that should have been out by then. They would also used adhesive plaster that helps bandage a wound this is technically a big band-aid.

there wear some very bad illnesses in colonial times one of them was heat sickness the over heating of the body caused by lake of salt.another one of the diseases in colonial times was black lung caused by breathing coal dust.there are over 50 illnesses I could list but that would be extremely long.

in colonial times they did not have anesthesia so they would do surgery will you were awake. Apothecary'places would have the surgery done on the top flour of the hospital because of the screaming!Are you glad they have anesthesia now?

in colonial times they had some pretty violent illnesses and cures, and I hope I never have to have a tooth puled out with that tooth extractor.

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