The Renaissance By: Miranda AgUilar

Marco Polo & The Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance because when Marco went to Asia and came back people got curious. The text book states "As their curiosity grew, people began th demand goods from Asia. Trade between Europe and Asia increased"(Holt 300). This quote means that Marco Polo helped trade increased. In conclusion, trade increased and helped the Renaissance.

Italin Trade Cities

Medici Family

The Medici family contribution

The Rediscovering the past and (Greek & Roman)

Greek and Roman ideas helped shape the classical ideas of the renaissance. Greek and Roman help shape the development because it inspired them to do there work the same way because it was new to them. In the document it states that "Throughout the renaissance, artists studies these ancient statues and tried to make their work look similar to them"(Document 3). This quote means that since the renaissance many people started to do the same kind of work as Greek and Roman. In conclusion, the Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci

You will read about Leonardo da vinci and his artwork. His most famous artwork. You will learn the meaning of those artworks.


This video talks about Michelangelos designed buildings .

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

The impact that it had on literacy is that people can read the Bible. Another impact it had was that more learned how to read.

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writing reflects on the ideas of humanism because he compared actors from the play to people so it could be watched with interest. In the text book in states "Shakespeare compares people to the actors in a play who should be watched with interest"(Holt 317). This quote means that he will compare the actors to the people so they can watch the play with interest. His writing attracted many people because his writing was was a comman language. In text it states "London audiences of the late 1500s and early 1600s packed the theatre to see them"(holt 317). This quote means that many people liked to see his plays and read books. In conclusion, many people like his plays and his books.

"what 's done is done". Macbeth ( Quote Act III, Scene II).

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