Path to Citizenship LEvi hershey

Just finished my first screening by the UN to become a US citizen #pathtocitizenship

Going to an interview at the RSC hope it goes well #refugee #RSC

Got screened by the US National security agency next stop homeland security #pathtouscitizenship

About to go to an interview with Homeland Security hope I pass to take the American culture class #finalinterview

One more day of American culture class #americanculture #onemoreday

After I pass my medical screening today I can start volunteer work #healthy

Started volunteer work with a US agency #helpful #volunteer

Finally got to the US! another screening with customs border protection #twomorescreenings #finally here

Just finished my last screening with the transportation security administration #finalscreening

Today is my first day of work in the US, starting my year before green card #firstjob #shaws

Finally got my green card, I'm now a permanent resident of the US #grencard #5yearstocitizenship

I am now an official US citizen after 5 years of having a green card #UScitizen #america

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