connor`s Number the Stars Book Diary by connor


Scary because people die and people fight but. Sometimes people need to go to war because there are some bad people

Probably scared because they here gunshots every day all day during that time they probably where scared some more scared than others


I think they are annoying because they always want something

If there was danger my family would of course help them because my neighbors is my dads sister and her family and on the other side of me they are nice i would help them to

Number the Stars

Literary Analysis

lanky & stocky

she was a stocky 10- year old,unlike lanky annemarie page 1 based on this sentence stocky sounds like the word stiff and lanky sounds like the word loose these words are descibing charcters looks

lanky means tall and skinny. stocky means bulky or thickset

suffix-y, relating to or filled with other words messy chessy lucky what

mama says be one of many dont be like anyone else be different be yourself

be sure they never have reason to remember your face what do you think mama means by this why do you think she says thid?

I would want to protect the Jews because maybe they would help the Johansens. in a bad situation What would it look like for Denmark and or the Johansens to be a bodyguard for the Jews. Also Anmaries friend is Jewish so she will try to help her.


but what we just read was that they left and annmarie and her sister and mr rosen forgot a package and mama broke her ankle and annmarie has to take the package to uncle henrik's I think that they are going to look under the food because i think annmarie is going to be stubborn and make it obvious that she is lying

man vs man

This happens when kirsty ellen annmarie where on there way home from school and they get stopped by 2 german soldiers

man vs society

they want to stop the german soldiers from taking the jews.

man vs nature

This happens when mama trips on a root a breaks her ankle`

man vs self

This happens when annmarie thinks what to do when ellen stayed the night with her because when the german soldiers came in ellen had the star of david and thats when annmarie had to think what to do



Star Of David

Star of David it is about the german soldiers trying to capture all the jews but all the jews are trying to escape so they don't get captured the star of david means its a star that are for jewish people



pg 2 ''Wait for me!'' wailed little kirsti


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